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GSM 100 Remote Access Control

Supplier: HETECH

With modern lifestyles and environments, automatic gates and doors are a necessity of every day life to ensure home, leisure and workplace privacy and security. With this convenience comes inevitable issues.

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Who should have access to security codes and remote controls? What is the cost involved? How do you keep track of who has been granted access, and what do you do if you are not on site and someone access to a site?

The GSM100 is a cost effective versatile way to remotely control devices such as gates, doors and lights and to and to monitor security, temperature and water sensors and to provide feedback via SMS.

Features include:

>> Secure Remote Access Control
>> Security Monitoring
>> Two Input Commands
>> Two Output Commands
>> Access via 300 Mobile Numbers
>> Mobile Phone or SMS Activation
>> Temperature Monitoring Capable
>> Water Monitoring Capable

How Does it Work?

The GSM 100 is simple to use, you don’t need to be technically minded. All you need, in addition to an operational GSM 100, is a functioning mobile phone to be able to control your chosen device remotely. Then all you

need to do is phone or SMS the GSM100 to activate. What’s really good about this process is that the phone called is not ‘answered’ therefore, no cost is involved.

Take, for example, this scenario. You‘re late for work and when you eventually beat the rush hour traffic you get a phone call from a technician who is stranded at the front gate with no way of gaining access. Options without remote access are to cancel the appointment on the spot (not good) or try get home (even worse?).

With the GSM installed with the gate, you can phone a predesignated mobile number and the gate will open. When the technician is finished you call (or SMS) the GSM100 and it closes the gate. It’s that simple. Or, maybe you are at home, it’s late, dark, and you need to let in an unexpected visitor: instead of going outdoors to open the gate or turn on the lights, just call the GSM100 and it can open the gate and turn on the light.

What about multiple remote access? The GSM is capable of storing 300 authorising mobile numbers. So, if your teenager keeps losing the gate remote, add their mobile number to the list of authorised users to allow them to

Is it Secure?

Absolutely. ONLY, the mobile phone numbers preprogrammd to the GSM 100 will be able to control a device remotely. It is not possible, for example, for you neighbour to accidently open the gate by their mobile phone.

Does it Have Other Applications?

The GSM100 has two inputs, and two outputs, one via mobile phone and their other via SMS . In other words, it is capable of receiving two commands and sending out two commands, so applications are wide ranging. A few examples:

In addition to controlling your gate by mobile phone remotely, you control the gate lights by SMS.

If an input is a temperature sensor installed in a boat engine room and the outputs can send a SMS alert via mobile and activate a fan if the temperature reaches above a certain point. In addition, if a water sensor is installed it can send an SMS if water enters the boat.

Security monitoring for your caravan, boat, house or factory can send an SMS if a door or window is opened and turn on a security light. Or if a PIR light is activated an alert SMS can be sent.