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Guard Monitoring | Live

Supplier: H & H Security

H&H Security can optionally provide a live guard monitoring solution for tracking guards whilst on site.

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Guard tracking information is updated live 24/7 to our monitoring control room, and is also available live via the customer login portal.

The highest level of on site Guard Security available exclusively from H&H Security. H&H Security Offers our Guard Tracking service as an optional service in addition to our static guard service for sites.

The H&H Security Guard Tracking service ensures that the allocated guard conducts thorough and timely patrols around all critical and vulnerable site areas, by tracking their location real time using a specialised Guard Tracking Wand.

The H&H Security 24 Hour Control Room monitors the movements of the tracked guard, and ensures the following,

  • The allocated guard has safely arrived on site, at or before the scheduled time.
  • All critical site areas are patrolled within a defined time limit and schedule
  • If an area has not been patrolled within the predefined time, the guard is called, and a status report is requested and logged
  • If any problem exist such as unauthorised entry, injury, or an emergency, the guard can request immediate action from the control room
  • The guards patrol information is logged, and is made available to customers live, using the Customer Login Portal
  • The allocated guard has safely left the site and secured any required areas, at or after the scheduled time.
  • A new guard has arrived to replace the existing guard before the rostered time for a shift change over briefing.

View Live Guard Status Information Online

The Guard Tracking Service also comes with our free Online Customer Login Portal, allowing you to view guard information such as,

  • The last patrolled area, including the date and time the area was patrolled.
  • Previous guard position information for the current and previous shifts
  • The Rostered Guards Name, and mobile phone number, as well as their rostered shift start and end times.
  • Add and Update Guard Roster information such as instructions, contacts to call, and guard response information.

How does Live Guard Tracking Work ?

Once the Guard Tracking Service is requested, a H&H Security Consultant will collaborate with you to determine the specific requirements for your site, such as,

  • Critical areas to patrol.
  • The frequency each area is to be patrolled during the shift.
  • Any specific requirements such as asset inspection, lock up and unlocking services, escort and incident reporting.

Once the patrol requirements have been established, a security technician will mount anti tamper RFID tags to the essential site areas.

Finally, a specialised RFID Guard Tracking wand will be issued to the site, and is used by the rostered guards by swiping the wand near the mounted RFID tags.

Once a tag is swiped, the wand will send the current date and time, as well as the tag ID and location, to the H&H Security Monitoring Centre.

Each site tag is monitored to ensure that a timeout has not occurred in regards to a guard not swiping the tag within the required duration.

If a tag has not been swiped within the required time, the control room is notified, and the guard is contacted immediately to ascertain the current guard and site security status.