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H.I.Fraser upgrades Vacuum Collection System for Coles Supermarkets

Supplier: H.I.Fraser
29 January, 2016

H.I.Fraser helped Coles Supermarkets improve the Vacuum Collection System reliability and energy efficiency.

Project Summary

H.I.Fraser was awarded the task to upgrade the Vacuum Collection System and all vacuum condensate risers with EVAC components to improve the system reliability and energy efficiency.

Not only has this improved energy efficiency by up to 70%, it has also eliminated water leakage onto the shop floor thus reducing the possibility of legal claims due to slips and falls.

Project Details

Owner: Coles Group Limited

Location: Altona Gate Shopping Centre, Cnr Millers & Duosa Rd’s, North Altona, Victoria.

Other Information: Altona Gate Shopping Centre is a sub-regional centre located approximately 11km west of Melbourne’s CBD in the suburb of North Altona. This Four level fully enclosed shopping centre with 83 specialty stores is anchored by several major retailers, one of which is the Coles Supermarket encapsulating a total selling area of over 2500sqm.

Benefits of EVAC Vacuum Technology installed:

  • Provides complete flexibility and last minute changes in refrigerated display case location for new builds and store remodelling
  • Eliminates future concrete and tile work when relocating or adding display cases
  • Customer disruption minimized
  • Eliminates the need for and the cost of under slab gravity waste piping
  • Reduces installation time and cost compared to under slab gravity waste piping
  • Eliminates blocked drains and odours from under slab waste piping
  • Makes last minute floor plan adjustments quick and easy
  • Provides a safe, reliable and easily maintained waste collection system

System Details and Energy Efficiency Study

Demand: 140m3 combined Hydraulic and Pneumatic (calculated on peak shopping trends)

Redundancy Required: 100% redundancy in vacuum and discharge pumps only

Connected Services: 23 condensate collection interface valves (allowance to increase this to upwards of 35)

Installation time: The task was successfully completed throughout a single night (outside of business hours) so as to eliminate downtime for the stores daily business activities.

Initial estimated energy savings:

– Existing Vacuum Plant running 24 hours per day (previous plant)

  • 2 off pumps (3 kW’s each) = total 52,416 kWh per annum
  • Based on 0.20c per kWh = total $10,483.20 per annum

– New Vacuum Plant running 4 hours (accumulative) per day (New EVAC plant)

  • 2 off pumps (5 kW’s each) = total 14,560 kWh per annum
  • Based on 0.20c per kWh = total $2,912.00 per annum

Total Estimated energy savings of 37,856 kWh per annum (70%), equivalent to a reduction of 37 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

For further information on the latest in Vacuum Technology, visit our Vacuum Drainage System Consultancy page or email us on enquiries@hifraser.com