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HACCP Management System testo 250 - 100% HACCP & 0% Paper

Supplier: Testo Australia

Testo AG revolutionises HACCP concept compliance. With the newly developed HACCP management system testo 250, it is possible for the first time to control all measurements, checks and documentation which occur in the context of HACCP, continuously, transparently and without paper.


Quality is crucial for all companies in the food industry. In 1959, the HACCP concept was developed to ensure impeccable quality. Its objective is to avoid possible dangers in food production, in order to protect the health of consumers. Since the documentation of all processes and quality data is crucial in HACCP, up to now the concept could only be realised with huge quantities of checklists, forms and documents. This becomes a problem when, in cases of audits or complaints, clearly assigned proof needs to found quickly.

Finally manage HACCP easily

The HACCP management system testo 250 allows the transparent, uninterrupted and paper-free documentation of HACCP processes, and supports the guided set-up of a HACCP plan based on the Codex Alimentarius.

This results in a considerable advantage for companies. More efficient HACCP processes save time and money. The fully digital solution minimizes human errors such as can occur when filling in checklists by hand. The responsible quality managers can additionally trace all quality data at the touch of a button, and are therefore prepared for audits and complaints at any time. 

Cockpit, Control Unit and Check: The components of testo 250

With the testo 250 HACCP Cockpit – the web-based control centre of the system – the quality manager defines HACCP processes and correction measures, as well as all measurement and checking ­tasks. The Cockpit also offers the possibility­ of analyzing measurement data in real time, and of viewing the status of tasks while they are being dealt with.

The compact testo 250 HACCP Control Unit was developed for the on-site staff entrusted with measurement and documentation tasks. It consists of a high-performance tablet with a long battery life and a washable, durable protective cover which was specially developed for use in rough, humid and hectic surroundings.

The testo 250 HACCP Check App installed on the tablet safely and unmistakably guides you through all individual HACCP process steps. Measurement values are input directly or via Bluetooth. If measurement results are critical or limit values exceeded, the App immediately gives instructions on corrective measures. In addition, documentation using photos, scanning of barcodes and identification of users and locations via NFC technology are implemented.

The HACCP management system can be easily combined with an existing wireless LAN. As soon as a connection to the internet is set up, all processes, proofs and measurement values are collated and securely stored in the Testo Cloud. There they are optimally protected from data loss and manipulation.


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