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Hamilton Pharmaceuticals screen savings through SBH

Supplier: SBH Solutions By: Nigel Smalls
13 January, 2010

Hamilton Pharmaceuticals is one of many SBH Solutions customers using Lite 1100 IBCs now, having replaced hired Chep CB5.

"We use bag-in-box IBC in our manufacturing process because of batching flexibility and for years we hired because we didn’t feel that there was a cost effective alternative, particularly when we investigated the option of heating the product prior to pumping out to improve productivity," says Stewart Blake, Joint Managing Director. 

This perception changed when Tony Rowland, Product Manager for SBH Solutions, introduced the all-metal Lite intermediate bulk container combined with an efficient insulated heater jacket from heating specialists LMK Thermosafe. 

"We were able to show Hamiltons that compared to permanent hire, the Lite as a storage unit would pay back in around a year. When combined with the increased efficiency of a wrap around jacket compared to a heater pad in the base of a container, this made for a compelling argument for change."

The efficiency of heating is a factor of both the insulated properties of the jacket and the heat transfer properties of the all metal container. But the major cost benefit from the heater jackets lies in the fact that in Hamilton's case, only three are required to take the place of  a heater pad in every hired IBC.

"Overall our experience of the products and service provided by SBH Solutions is a good one which has saved us money and given us added flexibility in our manufacturing process. We would certainly recommend companies with similar permanent hire arrangements to consider what we have done as a means to improve the bottom line," concludes Stewart.

How they did it:

  • 20 Lite 1100 folding bag-in-box IBC for batch storage.
  • 3 heater jackets sized for Lite 1100 with insulated lid and a 2000w single circuit to achieve up to 60ºC.
  • Lite 1100 uses existing specification bags also supplied through SBH Solutions.

Hamilton Pharmaceutical company snapshot
Started 1932, Adelaide, SA, and initially marketing university tested sunscreen, the company now specialises in research, manufacturing and marketing of sunscreen products; itchy and dry skin care products; and ear, nose, and throat care products.

The Hamilton brand is widely available in Australia and is exported to more than 25 countries around the world.

Success can be attributed to innovative research in conjunction with major Australian Universities to produce high quality and efficacious products.