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Hand Held Grinder and Grinding Machine Replacement Motor

Supplier: AUSROC

The 2000 Series Motor and Hand Held Grinder uses 21st century design, materials, dynamics; resulting in a button bit grinder with exceptional power and reliability, enhancing the diaroc cup performance.

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This precision piece of equipment has many features and advantages over other hand held button bit grinders and grinder motors.
Advantages and Features   

·         Ausroc's efficient and cost effective replaceable chuck nut system allows for easy changing of the diaroc cup, and replacing the worn diaroc drive, without replacing the rotor system.

·         The new design motor gives increased power to improve performance, efficiency and use less air.

·         Using precision bearings and an improved bearing lubrication system, has resulted in a considerable increase in motor life, with a major decrease in motor overhaul frequency.

·         The motor body is manufactured in three pieces, and each component can be replaced separately when needed, offering an advantage over other grinding equipment.

·         Protection against corrosion on all internal and external surfaces is important for all mining equipment exposed to harsh environments.

New technology seals is a big factor in increasing the life of the motor, by keeping water out of the bearing system, and keeping the grease in the system.

The grinder motor is easily adapted to fit all grinding machines eg. Robot Arms, Juniors and Mini Juniors.

When the motor is fitted to a grinding machine, Ausroc has made the removal of the internals of the air motor and water seal extremely easy. (You do not have to remove the motor from the grinding machine to perform this operation.)
Technical Information for the Hand Held Grinder & Grinder Motor 
Operation and use                         As a Hand Held Grinder, or fitted to a machine (for example, a Robot Arm )  Spindle speed                               22,000 R.P.M.
Working air pressure                    6 bar
Air requirements                           (45-50 c.f.m.)
Water supply                                 4 bar @ 0.25 litres /min
Air lubrication                              Mobil DTE24 @ 35 drops /min
Weight                                          2.7 Kg.