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Hand Operated Jackhammers | Slidehammer®

Supplier: Callander Equipment

Callander Equipment manufactures hand operated jackhammers.

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All Slidehammer® ends have a patented design feature that assist the operator in maintaining the position of the tool, for delivering pinpoint strike accuracy.

Unlike a conventional jackhammer, the hand operated jackhammer can be more easily controlled when precision work is required.

All the Slidehammer® shafts are made from Australian manufactured tool steel and (accept for the tamper) hand forged by a blacksmith then hardened.

The tool is portable and versatile, making it an ideal tool for contractors, fence builders, farmers, landscapers, road repair crews, sign post installers, plumbers and drainers.


  • The hand operated jack hammer consists of two parts; a tubular steel handle and a solid steel tool bit.
  • The handle slides over the tool bit, so as to deliver an impact blow to the top end of the tool.
  • The bit is interchangeable and comes in a choice of 4 end points.
  • The 4 interchangeable tool bits are around 1000mm (39”) in length and weigh between 5.5kg and 7kg (12lb and 15lb).
  • The handle is 860mm (34”) long and weighs 6kg (13lb).
  • The top of the handle is ergonomically shaped so as to provide a handgrip.
  • The hand operated jack hammer measures 1800mm (72”) fully extended (which is the same as a conventional crowbar). The handle has a “stroke” of 620mm (24”).
  • Given the higher impact forces delivered by the hand operated jack hammer it is important that the tool ends are resistant to fracture and chipping.
  • The tool ends are made from selected high grade steel with ends subject to hardening to minimize this.
  • The tool steel complies with Australian Standard AS1443-1994 Carbon steels and carbon-manganese steels – Cold-finished bars or AS1444-1996 Wrought alloy steels – Standard, hardenability (H) series and hardened and tempered to designated mechanical properties.
  • Forging and hardening is carried out in accordance with the steel manufacturer’s specifications.

There are five interchangable ends available:

  • Diamond Point
    • The Diamond Point is suitable for breaking up hard ground, digging holes and breaking up concrete.
  • Narrow Chisel
    • The Narrow Chisel is ideal for breaking up concrete, bricks and stone as well as digging holes and splitting timber.
  • Wide Chisel
    • The Wide Chisel is commonly used for cutting bitumen or tree roots, and is particularly effective for pothole repairs.
  • Tamper
    • The Tamper is commonly used for compacting soil around posts of for packing bitumen. Also available in a tyre bead breaker point.
  • Tyre Bead Breaker
    • The Tyre Bead Breaker is ideal for breaking the bead on all types of tyres from car to truck and tractor tyres.


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