Handling it to Orrcon on the M7

Supplier: Orrcon Steel
05 February, 2008

A modern and functional cycleway and walking path has been constructed as an integral part of the Westlink M7 Motorway near Sydney with Orrcon on hand to provide the safety rail that offers a buffer between traffic and pedestrians.

Purpose built with its own bridges over roads and creeks, cycleway users will enjoy an uninterrupted trip for nearly 40 kilometres, avoiding 48 sets of traffic lights.

It also has some 9 kilometres of hand rail – the top rail supplied by Orrcon, manufacturer and distributor of steel tube and pipe.
As part of their commitment to the job, Orrcon arranged for the production of samples of the finished pipe – 65mm NB heavy walled steel circular hollow section - for representatives of the Abigroup Leighton Joint Venture to examine prior to installation.

Subcontractor for the job, Mr. Glenn Down of Phoenix Engineering, said “Orrcon had a positive approach to the project from the beginning, where others said no, Orrcon persevered and provided solutions”
“The 72 tonne of pipe – with lengths varying from 2.34m to 4.46m – were swaged or expanded at one end allowing one section of pipe to fit snugly into the next producing a clean fit then hot-dip galvanised for longevity.”  

“Manufactured at our mill in Brisbane, the pipe used for the handrail was cut, swaged, bent, welded and galvanised and delivered to site in Sydney ready to be installed.”

Orrcon’s National Manager, Major Projects Group, Mr. Robert Creek, said, “We had to work to tight tolerances for the pipe, so producing samples initially proved we could do an excellent job.

“One other factor was that the pipe had to curve and bend as it wound its way along the 9 kilometres and we had to allow for that in the swaging and end fit.”

“We also provided many tonnes of steel pipe which were used in the fabrication of support posts for the motorway’s 3000 noise barriers, including 17 tonnes of 60.3mm OD and 75 tonne of 88.9mm OD”.