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Handon Industries

Hand-On Industries is able to supply a range of individual in-house services to our customers: working as a design partner using our Product Design Melbourne services, design up CAD models using our CAD Drafting Services Melbourne service; establishing CAM data for machines, using our CAD CAM Services; and the manufacture and assembly of parts, using any of our CNC Machining Melbourne portfolio of services.

On demand, we are able to do any or all of these processes for our customers. Often, it is our ability to work as a one-stop shop—designing a component on CAD, programming the CAM data, and actually manufacturing the part—that is most attractive to our customers.

Our exceptional CAD CAM Services Melbourne experience and facilities are combined with extensive manufacturing knowledge and experience. Within Hand-On Industries, we employ the same people to design and to manufacture components. In practice, this means that we design components on CAD that we know we can manufacture. Our experience has shown that when CAD plans are drawn up by one person/company, for another person/company to manufacture, there are often problems in manufacturing the design provided; it is easy, after all, to design a component on CAD that is impossible to build in the real world.

The upshot of being a proficient one-stop shop is that the end-to-end service we offer is extremely streamlined; as a consequence, we able to turn work around much more quickly than would be the case if different organisations were involved in the design and the manufacture stages.

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