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Hands & Eyes Free Voice Recognition Barcode Scanner

Supplier: Peacock Bros.

Mobile & Wireless Data Capture specialist, Peacocks MD&B, has just introduced to Australia the latest Hands and Eyes Free voice recognition system which can also include a barcode scanner and display.

Price Guide (Inc GST): POA

Peacocks MD&B supplied Conversay is the latest software package (MCSDK2.9), incorporating a highly advanced speech recognition engine.

Providing voice input as information via many of the currently available portable wireless devices already in use, and reducing the current limitations of keypads, screens and integrated laser scanners.

For example, in a warehouse environment, using cabled or even a Bluetooth enabled wireless microphone connected to almost any of the available mobile handheld computers, the user can simply speak the product/package label number.

That detail can then be relayed back to the host as data via a wireless radio network. The host can then relay back a pre-determined set of instructions to the user via your choice of voice or text formats.

By utilizing the low-resource (less than 1MB), speaker independent speech engine known as CASSI, any compatible mobile handheld computer is able to process up to 180 characters per minute.

Conversay even comes complete with a Speech to Pronunciation module for recognizing out-of-dictionary words.

Peacocks MD&B as the exclusive distributor for the Conversay product in Australia can provide the ideal solution for warehouse/supply chain environments and situations where standard barcodes are not practical, Applications of Hands & Eyes Free Voice Recognition Barcode Scanner include:

  • Stock located above eye level.
  • Shrink wrapped pellets/products.
  • Freezer rooms where heavy gloves are required.
  • Recording stock that requires both hands to handle.
  • Hard to reach stock situations, where standard laser scanners cannot accurately read barcodes.

The Conversay software is compatible with Windows, Unix, Linux and Pocket PC formats and can be easily custom programmed to suit any customer unique requirement.

Additionally, within Conversay is a feature that allows the user to eliminate from the dictionary, words and/or numbers that will not be required, providing incredibly high accuracy rates for voice entries.

Peacocks MD&B give you the option of having the complete system installed into your warehouse pre-programmed and having their team of professionals on hand if any questions arise, or alternatively supply your selected staff with comprehensive training for in-house programming and total self-sufficiency.

Conversay's voice to text and text to voice solution differentiates itself from older-style solutions by its immense adaptability.

Unlike traditional systems, it does not require a separate speech server and does not use pre-defined templates for its applications.

The Conversay API (Application Programming Interface) can be called by your own pre-existing application to enable text-to-speech or speech-to-text when and where you require, making it possible to tailor a solution to your in-house processes.

Of course, if there is no pre-existing application, Peacocks MD&B have a variety of solutions ranging for integration packages to extend your ERP out to the point of activity to complete stand-alone inventory management solutions.

Conversay has many additional software applications providing flexibility and adaptability for any company's future needs.

Peacocks MD&B can provide a completely stand-alone demonstration of the solution in action, demonstrating the programs flexibility and ease of use.

SPEAK. SCAN..KEY...or....SEE....Its your choice now!