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Handwash & Hygiene Training | GlitterBug

Supplier: Arrow Scientific

Think those hands are clean? Guess again. What you cannot see can spread infection.

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Teach your employees, students and associates the right way to fight infection with the GlitterBug Handwash Training Series.

GlitterBug Potion

GlitterBug Potion fluoresces brightly under UV illumination. Use for teaching good handwashing technique. Any GlitterBug Potion not washed off by the use of warm-water, soap and rubbing will continue to show up as fluorescing areas on the hand.

200 applications per 240mL bottle.

GlitterBug Powder

GlitterBug Powder formulated from a UV fluorescent powder mixed in talc. Useful for demonstrations showing spread of germs from item to item; just sprinkle powder on say paper or door knobs and see how your hands can pick it yp!

GlitterBug GlitterBuddy Kit

When unfolded, the scary germy-face invites you to look through his mouth to see his devilish pals on your hands. Black light illumination is provided by the fabulous SpotShooter 8 which shows all the "GlitterBugs" that are hiding on your hands. The lamp can easily be removed and used separately.

Kit includes the SpotShooter 8 with battery, one tottle of GlitterBug Potion (50ml), one bottle of GlitterBug Powder(18gm), the GlitterBug Instruction Manual, Handwash DVD (HCU.DVD), the How To Wash Your Hands poster (P132), two pages of "I Was Rude" stickers (ST6) and two GlitterBug Hand Brushes. Unfolded unit measures 279mm W X 216mm H X 216mm D.

How to teach correct handwashing technique:

Just put a pump of the GlitterBug Potion on your hands and rub it in like any hand cream. Then go and wash your hands as normally as possible. After washing your hands, place them under the UV light. Lo and behold, all the parts you have not washed effectively show up as little white spots or streaks. Now go and wash your hands properly!

Use the GlitterBug Potion to experience how thoroughly hands must be washed using warm water, soap and friction to remove bacteria and other substances that you cannot see.

Experiment by washing hands with:

  • Water only
  • Water, soap and no rubbing
  • Water, soap, rubbing and no drying
  • Water, soap, rubbing, rinsing and drying!

You will see the difference!

How to teach risks of cross-contamination

Cross contamination is a concept that is sometimes difficult for many people to understand. Here are some suggestions to teach them:

Just place a little GlitterBug Powder on your hands and rub them together. Pick up a plastic ball and throw it to all staff members in turn.

Alternatively, put a little GlitterBug Powder on a piece of paper and pass it around.

Or put some GlitterBug Powder on the bottom of plate of cakes and pass them round at morning tea!

Pass the UV torch over everyone’s hands and hey presto - white dots will show on the hands where they have touched the ball, paper or plate.

  • GlitterBug shows how 'bacteria' from your hands could pass to others without you having touched anyone directly!
  • What are your food handlers passing around the kitchen?