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Hanging Baskets

Supplier: The Wagga Iron Foundry

What is more pleasant and colourful than flowers, especially if they are lit up at night?

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This can be achieved by hanging the flowers in baskets suspended from brackets attached to such as lampposts. Lower baskets hanging at right angles to the street rather than parallel with it will throw shadows over small pavement areas adjacent to lamp posts rather than over larger areas between posts. Also this would be more colourful looking down the street.

A splash of colourful gives a bit of a lift? It does more than that? It makes all the difference between drabness and joy. Some see this when they fly off to colourful places elsewhere. Save that expense and enjoy the experience along your own shopping mall or what have you. We have a lot going for us in this country, but there is no reason why we should not add to its attraction.
Not only that but communities would be put on the map, be noticed, appreciated and remarked upon by both constituents and visitors.

Strength and Lightness
The brackets are made out of aluminium, which is both strong and light.

Support of flowers and pots
The brackets have top and bottom members that form cantilevered beams, ideal for carrying loads at the ends of the brackets. The brackets are recessed for clamping around posts. Within the recesses there are rubber pads to prevent scratching of the posts, and to allow ‘give’ for tightening of stainless steel fastenings used for pulling brackets towards each other.

Wind loading
This can exert extreme pressures on the flowers, flowerpots, and brackets. The flowers and pots are free to swing in the wind, but they exert a force on the brackets, so top and bottom members of the brackets are designed to give strength against side thrust. The spaces between top and bottom members are left empty, so that wind blowing through these spaces does not put pressure on the brackets.

Baskets are attached by chains to rings hung from hooks at the ends of the brackets. The hooks are fitted with safety catches to prevent the baskets from being dislodged during any violent gusty windstorm. Strength factors are taken into account as discussed on the previous page.

Vandals may have a go at anything. However there are certain discouragements against the flowers being vandalised. If the baskets are hung from lampposts, vandals are not too keen to do their worst under a light. They do not like the prospect of being seen. Most posts from which the baskets are hung are high, so the chances are that the baskets would be out of reach of vandals who would find it hard to achieve their destructive intent. Flowers are so attractive in these pots that very few would have the mind to desecrate them.

Care and Maintenance
The flowers in the above photograph are artificial. Looking up to the high level of these flowers it is difficult to distinguish them from fresh flowers. They do not need to be watered, and no nurseries are needed for their replacement. If running costs are a problem, it may be worthwhile using artificial flowers to give enjoyment to those who would appreciate the colourful effect. Where frosts are prevalent most appropriate plants may not survive in their colourful state without heating. We have been advised that the heat from the lights tends to reduce the action of the frosts on the flowers. Luckily the wind tends to die down on frosty occasions, so that there is more chance of the flowers receiving the heat from the lights just when it is needed. Plants resistant to winter frosts, such as ivy, could be suitable replacements for colourful flowers of summer. Artificial flowers may have to be used to achieve continuity of colour during winter. We understand that nurseries change pots of flowers to give variation in due season, the additional stock for this and for replacement purposes being considerable.

In other parts of the world watering is done from trucks from nozzles at the ends of long poles. Fortunately most lampposts are adjacent to the kerbs. Account is to be taken of the costs involved. It has been kindly pointed out to us that flowerpots are not the only things that can be hung from the brackets. In due season other decorations and such like can be suspended from the brackets.

The brackets can be adapted to suit a wide range of designs and sizes of posts, or to be mounted on walls. Application has been made for a registered design.

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