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Hardstands, container yards & truck parking areas recycled

Supplier: Road Construction Products
30 August, 2011

Maintaining hardstands, container yards and truck parking areas in good condition requires constant material replacement, grading and watering.

It’s an expensive and time consuming problem.

Now, with an Australian earthworks innovation, material on site can be reused and the area made less vulnerable to weather and traffic

PolyCom Stabilising Aid is used in hardstands, container yards, unsealed roads and more around Australia. It enables the material on site, the existing ground, to be reworked and made usable. The pavement is stronger and more stable. The PolyCom treated surface resists water erosion and harm from traffic damage. The less erosion from water and traffic, the less dust.

The costs saved are significant. By reworking the existing area with PolyCom Stabilising Aid importing materials is not necessary. Pavements treated with PolyCom can make up to a four fold reduction in grading and watering compared with traditional methods. That is up to a four fold reduction in costs.

Contact us for a list of satisfied customers who use PolyCom Stabilising Aid for just this purpose and hear from them about how effective PolyCom can be.