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HDD & PCB Anti Vibration Grommets For DVRs, Set Top Boxes

Supplier: Gelmec Pty Ltd

HDDs and PCBs often need very soft vibration and shock mounting solutions due to their low weight. Ideal for DVR's, set top boxes and other consumer electronics where noise is an issue. Range of soft highly damped thermoplastic grommets in various sizes ideal for light load isolation

Price Guide: POA

  • Ideal for HDDs, CD-ROM, DVD & PVR noise control.
  • Broad temperature range of highly damped thermoplastics
  • .-20 to +70c Operating Temp
  • Softness Shore A37
  • 4 Standard Grommets with Fixing Bolts

Highly damped soft TPO or TPS material. Five grommet sizes configured to suit small enclosures, narrow guage fixings and different plate thicknesses. High loss coefficient, low resonance magnification.

UNC 6-32 or M3 fixing bolt with integral washer available with TorX10 head for all grommets. Fixings bolts are made of zinc plated carbon steel. Also see our broad temperature range of grommets.

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