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Health-care technology provider implements Dynamics NAV 2013 with ease

Supplier: Microsoft Dynamics
24 December, 2012

Slainte was pleasantly surprised at how fast it all was to implement NAV 2013 using RapidStart Services.

Software Provider Gets Comprehensive View of Financial Information for Rapid Growth

Founded in 2006, Sláinte Healthcare is a rapidly expanding provider of technology and services that help hospitals maximise their clinical and operational performance. But as it grew, the firm found it a challenge to keep track of financial information across its operations. Now, with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Sláinte has a comprehensive view of its cost base worldwide.

Business needs

Sláinte grew rapidly in six years, from being a local Dublin company with one employee to an international organisation with more than 70 employees, across six countries. To maintain this growth, it needed fast and accurate financial information so it could make the necessary investment, sales, and marketing decisions.

The company has a portfolio of software products, and, to make better-informed decisions, it needed product-by-product, month-by-month analysis. Also, as an international organisation, Sláinte needed a robust accounting solution that could manage accounts across countries and currencies.


The firm chose Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Not only can the system do everything Sláinte needs, but it can also grow with the company. In addition, the software provider liked the easy set-up of the product. Andrew Murphy, Chief Executive Officer at Sláinte Healthcare, says: "I was pleasantly surprised at how fast it all was. The rapid-start functionality of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 is great."

Sláinte chose Microsoft Partner Ciall to implement the new system. "Not only does it have the technical capability, but its principals are chartered accountants who understand all the nuances within business. Significantly, Ciall runs its own operations using Microsoft Dynamics NAV. That gives me a lot of confidence," says Murphy. "I cannot praise Ciall enough. It’s an incredible company to work with."


By investing in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Sláinte has a cutting-edge, multi-territory, scalable platform, which gives the reassurance and confidence needed for rapid growth.

Comprehensive visibility. As an international company, it’s important for Sláinte to get fast, accurate overviews of its financial situation at any time. "One of the big risks of a company growing quickly, like us, is that it’s difficult to understand your cost base—that’s not going to happen now we have Microsoft Dynamics NAV. At the click of a button, I can see the accounts for any of our international offices—or the entire group," says Murphy.

Better decision making. When you’re growing fast, you need a clear view of what’s working and what isn’t, and Sláinte frequently has to make big investment decisions on its research, development, sales, and marketing budgets. Its people now have all the information they need on hand, at any time, in any office. Murphy says: "We’ve doubled in size every year for the last five years. If we’re going to do that for the next five years, it’s important that we have access to information that allows us to make critical decisions on a fully informed basis. We can do that now because we have Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013. Profitability by product is very important—we can see profit month-by-month on a product-by-product basis and this gives us confidence to keep up that investment."

Automatic currency conversion. Being able to report activities in different currencies is a major benefit for Sláinte. Before Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the company had to convert everything into euros every month. This would cause a problem at the end of the year because it had to reconcile all these currency changes. Now, it runs in different currencies for different clients and territories—and all this is handled seamlessly by Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Quick and easy international tax compliance. Processing Employer returns and related transactions used to be time-consuming, but this is no longer the case for the international software provider. "In Ireland, we have to file P30 employer returns once a month—it’s P32 in the U.K. All these filings have strict time limits. With Microsoft Dynamics NAV, we automate all the calculations for these filings, which takes out a huge amount of manual effort," says Murphy.

Efficient timesheet recording. Keeping track of the hours that staff spend on client projects is easy with the built-in functionality of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. James Heslin, Client Services Manager at Sláinte Healthcare, says: "You just select the company that you’re going to bill from a drop-down menu, and put in the times there and then. It’s great to have it all there in front of you. We’re saving a significant amount of time."

Excellent integration. Microsoft Dynamics NAV gives Sláinte full desktop integration with other Microsoft applications, including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft SharePoint. It also integrates easily with Microsoft SQL Server. Michael Horgan, Director, Ciall, says: "Microsoft Dynamics NAV is the right product for Sláinte because as it expands into additional territories, it will meet its changing requirements."

Flexible customisation. Because Microsoft Dynamics NAV is easy to customise, you can set things up the way you want them. This helps the Sláinte teams work more efficiently and it increases well-being and job satisfaction. Susan Ryan, Financial Controller at Sláinte, says: "You can make it do what you want really easily. I can do a lot on one screen, so I can get information into accounts very quickly."

Minimal training for new recruits. A growing company recruits employees fast—and new people also need to pick things up fast. "One of the big benefits we’ve seen is how quickly people get up to speed using Microsoft Dynamics NAV," says Murphy. "I think the future’s bright."

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