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Heat Pump Chiller | Intaflo

Supplier: Comfort Heat Australia

The Intaflo Heat Pump Chiller is an eco friendly and cost effective option for hydronic floor heating, heat pumps are designed to be installed outdoors and are perfect for both residential and large commercial projects.

Price Guide: POA

Heat pump technology:

The Intaflo Heat Pump Chiller draws heat from the air and transfers it to water. Included is an inbuilt anti-frosting function, LCD temperature regulator, water pump and expansion tank..


Standard heat pump installations require a heat pump unit and manifold. Floor heating pipe is installed in the floor and connected to one or multiple manifolds. Generally, properties have one manifold per storey with each manifold holding multiple zones. All manifolds lead back to a heat pump unit which is defined by the size of your heated floor area.

Special requirements:

Heat pump installations may require a bypass connection to balance the flow to the floor. The Intaflo heating pump chiller can be used to cool in summer months.

These specifications are based on a standalone hydronic floor heating system. If you are interested in a mixed system that combines domestic hot water or pool heating, please contact our office for more detail.

Technical data:

  • Type: Heat Pump Chiller (Air to Water)
  • Construction: Intergrated circulation pump and controls /  Automatic anti-frosting protection /  Expansion valve 
  • Heat Capacity: 15kW to 85kW / 15kW to 24kW  - 1 and 3 phase /  30kW to 85kW - 3 phase only
  • Power Required: 15 Amps (15kW unit) – 88 Amps (85kW unit)
  • Cool Capacity: 11.5kW – 75kW
  • Refrigerant: R410a
  • Operating range:  -10degC  to +43 degC
  • Noise: 59 dB (A)
  • Warranty: 5 years


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