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Heating Cooling System | Thermasail

Supplier: Air Solutions International

These products fill the gap between chilled beams and chilled ceilings – opening up an entirely new range of architectural and design possibilities, while combining energy efficiency with ease of installation.

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Thermasails are manufactured from a patented composite aluminium sheet which ensures strength, rigidity, and high conductivity. 

They are therefore light and easy to install, and offer high cooling and heating performance.

Basic Operation

Chilled or hot water is introduced into the panel via copper pipes which are mechanically fixed into aluminium extrusions. The extrusions are then bonded and riveted to the upper surface of the panel ensuring excellent and reliable heat transfer.


When chilled water is passed through the coil, the large chilled lower surface cools the air against it. It also absorbs radiant gains from the room. The air above the panel is also cooled, and this cooled air convects around the edges of the sail. The unique strength of the panel eliminates the need for any structural sidewall allowing unrestricted cooled air movement and high cooling performance.


When warm water is passed through the coil, the lower surface of the sail operates as an efficient radiant heater.

The air above the panel is also warmed, and convects into the room space. With a large heated area, low water temperatures can be used which maximises boiler efficiency. The system has a low inertia, reacting very rapidly to heating and cooling demands, ensuring minimum energy consumption.

Features and benefits:

  • Attractive, smooth surface finish to almost any size, shape and colour
  • Lightweight, easy and safe to carry, lift and install
  • Slim profile, just 25mm, ensuring maximum use of ceiling height
  • Easy to integrate lighting and other services into the sails
  • Energy efficient heating and cooling from the same sail system
  • Low system inertia, giving excellent controllability and low energy consumption
  • Ceiling mounted giving unrestricted use of floor and wall space
  • Easy to adapt to changes in space usage