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Heavy Duty Solution For High Temperatures

Supplier: maxon motor australia

The motor is designed to withstand harsh environments , such as extreme temperatures, high shock loads and vibrations, as well as high ambient pressure or vacuum.

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Even submerged operation in oil is possible. Faultless operation has been demonstrated in an extended ambient temperature range of -55°C up to 200°C – all internal components are designed to withstand temperatures of at least 240°C. External shock loads and vibrations can be absorbed over the entire temperature range without damaging the motor. The motor is available both with and without Hall sensors. If required, Hall sensors come as a package added to the back of the motor in a similar style to that of an encoder. The motor parts are designed to be immersed in oil at up to 1500 bar and at least 200°C ambient temperature. During operation the internal components will heat up, thus the performance of the motor will depend on the ability of internal components to withstand this heating. Initial tests with brushless motors immersed in oil suggests the oil improves the heat conduction and thus improves the motor performance. External shocks of up to 15G can be absorbed without damage to the motor. There are special magnet designs with no adhesives. • Front bearing retained axially by flange in one direction & C-clip in other direction. • Special designed bearings and bearing mounts with additional securing for vibration resistance • Winding with high temperature (>240°C) wire • Teflon wiring for external motor connections • High temperature rated PCB (>240C) • SmCo magnet material (~300°C rating) • Welded housing/flange connections