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Heavy Metal Surface Sampling Swab Kits | LeadCheck and Chromate Check

Supplier: Air-Met Scientific

Metal Surface Sampling Swab Kits for detecting contamination due to lead or chromate.

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Chromate test kit
The power of a Testing Lab in the Palm of Your Hand! An instant field test for the detection of Chromate (CrO4-2) on any surface. Each swab is a complete unit.

Description ChromateCheck Swabs are self-contained test units which provide a rapid, easy to use, specific test for chromate on any surface. There is a fibre tip at one end. Inside the barrel are two glass ampoules which contain the chromate reactive materials.

To activate the swab, simply squeeze under "A" and "B" (click on photo above) to crush the glass ampoules and shake well to mix the reagents. Gently squeeze Swab and rub test surface. The tip will turn pink or purple in the presence of Chromate.

Lead check test kit
With LeadCheck Swabs you can now find and control Australia's most common environmental health threat. Easy to use, disposable LeadCheck Swabs will work on any surface, instantly turning bright Pink when lead is present. Each swab is ready to use.

LeadCheck Swabs are odorless, disposable and non-staining. The entire test procedure is so convenient that it can be performed anywhere in 30 seconds. There is a fibre tip at one end. Inside the barrel are two glass ampoules which contain the lead reactive materials. LeadCheck Swabs are based on the reactivity of lead with certain compounds capable of forming strongly coloured complexes with lead.

When LeadCheck Swabs are used, a pink colour that is specific for lead develops within 30 seconds and is stable for hours.


  • Lead Check: 2µg sensitivity: no false positives
  • Chromate Check: 3µg sensitivity: no interferents identified