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Heritage church raised, re-levelled and re-supported

Supplier: Mainmark
08 May, 2014

Problem: Many wall cracks, inside and out.

Large cracks had appeared throughout the 89 year old St John's Anglican Church in the south-east Queensland town of Dalby.

A rise in the level of an aquifer: the probable cause of footing subsidence

The cracks visible inside the church appeared following the summer floods, despite no water flooding through the building. A possible cause was the rise in an underground aquifer, which dates back to the 1800s, moving the church's foundations.

Solution: Precision lifting plus ground strengthening

The Uretek Ground Engineering company was briefed to raise and re-level the church.

It was critical that care be taken not to damage the stained glass windows, and to close cracks in the brick facade wherever possible.

Uretek drilled to a depth below the existing foundation and injected  expanding structural resins, which forced into all cavities of the soil and formed a strong foundation base. The building was lifted in 1mm increments and monitored closely to ensure the church was levelled accurately.

The project was completed in just one and a half days.

Result: A completely successful heritage restoration

The raising of the church to its original levels was an outstanding success.

There had been many cracks in various locations on both the exterior and interior walls. When the footings of the building were raised nearly all of them closed up; some of them closed back completely.

However the most important result was the major re-support of the structure.

The Uretek work was done so carefully that none of the beautiful stained glass windows was broken or cracked.

The Uretek work was followed by a team of heritage plasterers using the exact original plaster to repair the cracks apparent inside the church.