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HIA Home Show – trends in heating

Supplier: Comfort Heat Australia By: Sandra Skelly
04 March, 2013

Energy efficiency and sustainable building design are becoming the major focus for new homes and major renovations.

We all want to manage the energy we use and the footprint we leave on the planet, without compromising our way of life.

Increasingly, new home designers and builders are seeking more efficient ways to heat and cool buildings to maintain comfortable living spaces.

Central heating systems — or hydronic heating systems — are becoming popular as efficient heating options. The traditional central heating system is one option with radiators on the walls and a boiler located either internally or externally. But a more efficient option is the central heating system located in the floor. It is also totally invisible and quiet.

The hydronic floor heating system can utilise natural gas boilers as well as solar panels, wood fired boilers and electric heat pumps. The heat is low so the energy required is low, and the system can be managed with programmable controls to make it easy to use and worry free.

Designing the right system for each project is crucial to ensuring an energy efficient result. Comfort Heat Australia engineers each system individually to achieve maximum efficiency while meeting the expectations of the customer.

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