High clarity BOPP bags are a food grade choice

Supplier: Integrated Packaging
23 July, 2021

BOPP (Biaxially Orientated Polypropylene) Bags are high clarity food contact safe bags and a popular choice due to its durability

BOPP bags come in various styles and can be supplied flat or with side gusset options (crimp deal or block bottom bags options). They can also be easily heat sealed.

A BOPP bag are a popular choice due to its durable material. Manufactured with multiple layers  they are ideal for shipping of heavy materials, easily transportable and suitable for hot & cold products.

BOPP Bags are ideal for packaging produce, snack foods, confectionery, nuts, spices and all types of food.

Our range of plain bags is extensive from small converted bags to very large pallet bags and liners; converted in line on our film extrudes.

  • Open Top Sacks
  • Valve Sacks
  • Gusseted bag on rolls
  • Wicketed Bags
  • Bags on roll