High efficiency aircon system to go global

09 October, 2011

An Australian air-conditioning system that can reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in commercial and industrial buildings by up to 85 per cent will soon be given a global audience thanks to its Australian Clean Technologies Ideas competition win.

SMAC Technologies was announced as the competition winner at an awards gala dinner in Sydney this month, attended by Australia’s leading innovators in the Clean technology community.

Innovation Minister Senator Kim Carr said the SMAC technology has already been used in projects supported by the Gillard Government's Green Building Fund.

"This type of technology not only builds strong new Australian-based manufacturing industries, but also helps existing industries to be more globally competitive and resilient to price rises," Senator Carr said.

"This air conditioning technology ticks all the boxes in helping tackle climate change and cutting our carbon footprint."

The winning SMAC technology is suited to retrofitting as well as to new energy efficient buildings.

The Shaw method or process for air conditioning that the SMAC technology is based on increases cooling energy efficiency by 30-50 per cent compared to traditional systems.

This is achieved through the ability to prevent "over cooling" in humid climates, scheduling of chilled water, and humidity control enabling temperatures to be elevated.

The twin coil designed system differs from conventional air conditioning principles. Outside air is pre-treated through a de-humidification coil and cooled with chilled water before contacting the inside air.

The supply air is treated by the second coil which belongs to the original system. The SMAC Process decouples latent loads (humidity) and sensible loads (temperature) and via copyright protected integrated control algorithms continuously optimise air conditioning energy consumption.

The revolutionary technology reduces greenhouse emissions, water and chemicals. The unique design reduces energy consumption whilst delivering perfect climate comfort.

SMAC’s unique modelling software package enables expert engineers to pre-plan and modify projects from inception right through to construction and installation. The software uses step by step programming techniques and is designed to work with major stakeholders to demonstrate "best" outcomes.

The South Australian Government has recognised SMAC technologies and included the Shaw Method of Air conditioning as a "must consider" product for industry consultants when planning future construction and retrofit projects.

The award was announced by the CEO of Commercialisation Australia, Doron Ben-Meir. He said the air conditioning system not only cut energy usage, but cut costs too.

SMAC will represent Australia at the international Cleantech Open Global Ideas Competition in the United States. The company will compete against entrants from 90 countries for over $100,000 in services to help launch their idea.

The company will also have a week of mentoring, meetings with investors, business services and other entrepreneurs at the International Awards Gala in November 2011.