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High end thermal image security cameras now affordable for the home

Supplier: FLIR Systems Australia
17 June, 2013

New release Thermal Imaging Security Cameras from FLIR means wider applications for cameras are now more affordable than ever, including domestic security.

The newly released FLIR FC-Series S is an affordable and environmentally friendly solution that is changing the face of home security. All over the world the perimeters of industrial parks, airports and harbours are being protected with the help of thermal imaging cameras from FLIR Systems, but the security solution big companies choose to protect their assets has now become more obtainable for home security as well.

Extremely affordable, maintenance free and environmentally friendly, FLIR thermal imaging cameras can be the ideal security solution for home protection. FLIR thermal imaging cameras need no light to function and are incredibly dependable.

No light needed whatsoever

Unlike other night vision systems, thermal imaging cameras detect the thermal radiation that is around us all the time, translating it into a visual image. This means that FLIR thermal imaging cameras deliver 24/7 imaging capability regardless of lighting conditions and that's not all: thermal radiation penetrates atmospheric obscurants better and farther than visible light, allowing you to see what’s out there through haze, smoke, dust and even light fog.

Conventional CCTV cameras rely on colour contrast to provide enough information for the viewer to detect a threat. Even at moderate ranges, weak contrast can render these cameras useless. Thermal cameras do not have this limitation.

The contrast on a thermal image is usually much bigger, due to the difference in temperature between a person and his surroundings. That means that generally speaking you can detect a person with a thermal imaging camera at a larger distance.

To monitor areas with normal CCTV cameras it is necessary to have a source of light. For large domestic properties or areas without street lighting it would most likely be necessary to install lighting. This would not only be a very costly operation, it would also attract attention to the property, disturb neighbours and be bad for the environment with all the electricity required adding carbon into the atmosphere.

Also to take into consideration is the cost of maintenance, for lights need replacing every once and a while. A FLIR thermal imaging camera eliminates these issues.

User friendly

The FLIR FC-Series S thermal imaging cameras include the most advanced thermal imaging technology available on the market today, but in an affordable, user-friendly package. The FLIR FC-Series S is available in 320 × 240, and high-resolution 640 × 480 formats.

To make sure that there is an FC-Series S camera for every security application FLIR Systems offers a wide variety of lenses. Longer lenses have a narrower field of view and allow you to spot intruders from farther away; wider field of view are perfect for residential properties.

Installing the cameras is straightforward.  PoE (Power over Ethernet) means that communication and power is supplied with only one cable. The FC-Series S can be integrated in any existing TCP/IP network and controlled and viewed by a wide range of networked devices, including a PC, NVR, smart phone or tablet.

No additional cables are required. Using this configuration, you can monitor all activity over the network, even when you are thousands of kilometers away. An intuitive web interface allows for easy controlling and adjusting of the camera. 
Wide Dynamic Range and Digital Detail Enhancement

Wide dynamic range (WDR) delivers high contrast thermal images in the most diverse conditions, even when the sun is in the field of view. But also in cold and low contrast thermal scenes. Ideal for working together with video analytics that need properly contrasted images in order not to generate false alarms.

FLIR's advanced internal camera software called Digital Detail Enhancement (DDE) enhances these images further, to ensure that even the smallest of details can be seen.

No maintenance needed

Even more important is FLIR's Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). The FLIR FC-Series S thermal imaging cameras have uncooled detectors, so they do not need the maintenance a cooled detector would require.

The absence of a motorised focus mechanism prevents mechanical break downs. This means that the TCO of these thermal imaging cameras is extremely low. Added to this, FLIR offers a 3-year full product warranty and a 10-year detector warranty.

Powerful FLIR software

FLIR Sensors Manager 2012 software ensures that any occurrences are immediately brought to the owner's attention. The software contains a video analytics module with video motion and target detection.

The user can place virtual trip wires and if the system detects that someone is entering the perimeter a silent alarm will go off and the images that caused the alarm will be shown so the user can immediately see if it really is a trespasser or an 'unwanted' alarm. In the case of a real intrusion further action, such as calling the police, can be taken immediately.

Digital video is constantly recorded for future use. If an alarm is triggered the files are preserved until the owner decides to discard them manually.

Each FC-Series S camera comes with a basic version of FLIR Sensors Manager. This intuitive software allows users to manage and control an FC-Series S camera in a TCP/IP network.