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High Performance Coating Systems - Hebel®

Supplier: Guardian Building Products

Hebel® coatings systems have been specifically formulated to suit Hebel® panels and blocks, engineered to accomodate the thermal expansion and contraction and physical characteristics that are unique to AAC (autoclaved aerated concrete).

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Easy to work with, Hebel® coatings are designed to help you achieve the perfect finish to any Hebel® project, including the highly sought after smooth, Monolithic look.

CSR™ Hebel® has worked closely with Dulux® AcraTex® to develop a total system for each market segment - all tested in the market place and strongly supported by both companies.

Given the variability of some coatings – not all are what they claim to be – customers can be confident that when they choose Hebel® coatings they have been correctly formulated to a consistent recipe. Dulux® is the most recognized brand of paint and coating systems in Australia. They manufacture and distribute a wide range of quality products, with over 230 outlets around Australia.

The CSR™ Hebel® and Dulux® AcraTex® relationship is an industry first alliance, delivering true integration of substrate and coatings to ensure lasting performance.

Hebel® SkimCoat and Hebel® HighBuild™ have been formulated with a special acrylic polymer and combined with washed, graded silica sand, cement and selected additives to enhance the application and workability of the mix, ensuring a consistent finish.

Hebel® PowerBase™ and PowerFinish™ is a unique, all acrylic system that uses no cement.

The addition of acrylic polymers provides Hebel® coating systems with many advantages over traditional cement based renders:

  • Increased flexibility.
  • Improved adhesion to Hebel® substrate.
  • Superior resistance to shrinkage.
  • Faster curing.
  • Improved crack joint resistance.
  • Contributes to thermal properties of Hebel® systems.

CSR™ Hebel® now has three coating systems to cover all applications:

Hebel® PowerBase™ and PowerFinish™

  • Revolutionary, all acrylic flexible system for Hebel® panels installed true and flush.
  • Two coat process; fast and efficient to apply.
  • Watertight, long lasting, low maintenance sand texture appearance.
  • Colour integrated throughout; minimizes possibility of minor chips or damage showing; no need for further paint trade.
  • No cement; wont harden or go brittle with age.

Hebel® SkimCoat (base for approved acrylic texture system)

  • Polymer and fibre reinforced skim coat render for Hebel® panels installed true and flush or ≤1mm tolerance.
  • Fast to apply; provides a semi-sealed surface (after overnight cure) ready for approved Acrylic Texture and Finish Coats (which provide the colour).
  • Primer often not required.
  • Won’t crack or go brittle like standard sand cement renders.

Hebel® HighBuild™ (base for approved acrylic texture system)

  • Polymer enhanced render for Hebel® blocks and panels installed with tolerances ≤ 3mm.
  • Levels irregularities; provides a high build coat.
  • Can be float or sponge finished ready for approved Acrylic Texture and Finish Coats (which provide the colour).
  • Won’t crack or go brittle like standard sand cement renders.
  • Inside you will find information on the correct coating system to use for each segment, plus detailed preparation and application guides.

The Right Coating for the Job
CSR™ Hebel® needs coating systems that are specifically designed for the characteristics of AAC (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete). Standard coating systems consist of a base levelling coat, texture coat* and elastomeric membrane.

The BASE LEVELLING component of the system must provide:

  • A platform to support the specified standard of finish (aesthetic).
  • Long-term durability and compatability with the specific substrate technical requirements.
  • FULL composite system warranty from relevant components supplier(s).

A flexible ACRYLIC TEXTURE body coat is recommended to provide:

  • Increased system crack-bridging performance.
  • Consistency of aesthetic finish.

An ELASTOMERIC MEMBRANE finishing coat is recommended to provide:

  • Ultimate durability and weather protection.
  • Long term crack-bridging and barrier performance.
  • Self cleaning properties.
  • Colour consistency, durability and ease of touch-up.

*Except the PowerBase™/PowerFinish™ system

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