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High Performance Hydration Solution | Aqualyte

Supplier: Air-Met Scientific

Developed by Point Health Pty Ltd (Australian owned) extensive scientific research has been undertaken on the prevention of heat illness and dehydration and Aqualyte Solution has been formulated based on this research and its relationship to health, performance and productivity.

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Aqualyte is a unique, rapidly absorbed fluid and electrolyte rehydration solution for people who perform physical activity where adequate and timely replacement of fluid loss through sweating is critical for effective performance and the prevention of heat related illness.

  • Prevents dehydration through rapid fluid and electrolyte absorption
  • Maintains the correct electrolyte balance
  • Fewer calories than many other fluid replacement drinks
  • Delays the onset of fatigue
  • Contains appropriate levels of glucose to provide energy for muscular work
  • Less acidic than many other fluid replacement drinks
  • Aids concentration in work and sport rather than contribute to attention deficit disorders which many caffeine rich drinks do

The composition of Aqualyte has been specifically formulated based on the electrolyte composition being lost in sweat. This not only ensures the osmolality of Aqualyte is HYPOTONIC but it helps maintain the body's normal electrolyte balance which facilitates thermoregulation and optimal neuromuscular performance

Aqualyte is available as a pre-mix solution (600ml bottle), 25g sachet (makes 600ml), 80g sachet (makes 2L) and 800g sachet (makes 20L).

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