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High speed lane diverter gets biscuit production on track

Supplier: Australis Engineering By: Peter Gustafson
19 January, 2010

High speed lane diverters are an essential element in mass production environments. With speeds that are 70% faster than competing products, the Australis high speed lane diverter will increase your manufacturing efficiency.

The Project

The Arnotts production facility at Huntingwood in western Sydney required a new, fourth production line including a new biscuit box diverter. The existing facility utilised three production lines, each with an existing box diverter. However Arnotts required the fourth production line to include a new diverter that would form a pattern of six rows of boxes to feed into a single case packer.

While this sounds straight-forward, Arnotts required the fourth line to operate at a significantly higher rate than the other lines (240 boxes per minute instead of 140 boxes per minute) and Australis had to design a new machine capable of achieving this throughput.  

By engaging Australis, Arnotts benefitted from the following outcomes:

  • Single supplier  to design, manufacture and install a 5.7 metre, powered modular belt conveyor to handle biscuit boxes operating at the high speed of 70 metres per minute.
  • The design, manufacture and installation of a high speed diverting system actuated by a servomotor and ball screw for higher accuracy, and capable of forming 4, 5 or 6 rows of product. Instead of being mounted on the main frame, four motors were embedded on the moving arm to drive the boxes to reduce power transmission parts such as universal joints which cause downtime and require costly maintenance stoppages.
  • Stainless steel construction for food environment. All cables enclosed in the main frame for easier cleaning and better visual amenity.

The Result

Australis provided the following outcomes:

  • a customised solution that operates at high speed, is made of a heavy duty structure to cope with the stresses of the required throughput and uses high speed/ precision components.
  • designed, manufactured and installed the high speed box diverter and achieved rates of 240 boxes per minute, while being capable of handling a wide range of box sizes.
  • delivery of a machine that is requires a low maintenance regime while still achieving high levels of  reliability.


A key element of the Australis Engineering approach to this project was the utilising of our 3D CAD software and years of industry experience to develop a concept design based on our standard solutions and to be capable of udnertaking product testing, manufacture and installation by the same team of experts. The result of retaining the engineering and manufacturing expertise in-house at Australis, is the delivery to the Client of a customised, high speed machine that uses high quality components, that is easy to use and maintain, and that achieves a speed 70% higher than the competitors' equipment but operates within the same footprint.

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70% Faster! The Australis, high speed box diverter