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High temperature sensors

21 June, 2013

Most of the products we use, or come across on a day-to-day basis, have gone through some form of high temperature process during manufacturing: from the production of glass bottles, to aluminium cans, fibreglass insulation bats in your home and the steel used to construct buildings or Colorbond.

High temperature processes require equipment that is designed to handle extreme temperatures. Platinum-based thermocouples dominate high temperature processes. Type R, S, and B, as well as the Nicrobell® sheathed type N mineral insulated thermocouples are widely used for temperatures of 1000°C to 1250°C.

Operating with temperatures over 1250°C, the only choice is a platinum-based thermocouple. These are typically installed in a sheath to protect the thermocouple from damage and to ensure accurate readings.

The sheaths can be made from either Hexaloy SA®, a silicon carbide material with no free silica, or metal ceramic, a composite material made from chromium and aluminium oxide.

Pyrosales will analyse and select the appropriate thermocouple/sheath combination for your process needs.