High viscosity drum pump supplied for pumping lime putty

Supplier: Global Pumps
26 March, 2013

Techniflo eccentric screw drum pumps supplied by Global Pumps are being used to pump lime slurry at a water authority in WA.

A water authority in WA required a pump to transfer lime putty, a highly viscous and chemically corrosive, liquid from IBCs. Global Pumps stepped up to the challenge and after consideration of the factors involved in this situation, recommended an eccentric screw drum pump to satisfy all the requirements.

This type of pump could meet the flow rate requirement of 50L/min, was resistant to the corrosive and abrasive properties of the lime putty and finally could be supplied with a 54mm diameter, 1200mm long immersion tube that was compatible with the IBCs the company was using to store the lime putty.

Eccentric screw pumps are appropriate for viscous fluids, like lime putty due to the mechanical properties of the pumping action produced by the pump. They use a helical screw to gently raise theproduct by trapping it between the threads of the screw and the immersion tube walls. Rotation of the screw causes the product being pumped to traverse up the inclined plane of the screw thread and out the top of the pump.
In this case an additional factor was the fact that lime putty is both a chemically corrosive liquid and has suspended particles of calcium hydroxide, also causing it to be abrasive. Techniflo’s eccentric screw drum pumps are ideal for this type of application because they are manufactured from materials designed to be resistant to the corrosive properties of the lime putty. Additionally, the material is also hard wearing to resist the abrasive properties of the suspended particles. 

Because the pump was supplied with a1200mm long immersion tube, this allowed the water authority to completely empty the IBCs containing the lime putty. 
Global Pumps supplied this pump to the water authority in November of 2012 and company officials recently reported that the pump has been “working well” since its installation. The eccentric screw drum pump supplied by Global Pumps was clearly the best choice for this particular application, satisfying all the requirements.