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Highly Durable Melt Pressure Sensor by Gefran

Supplier: ECEFast

Get up to double the lifetime from these melt pressure sensors as you would with your current instruments. These durable Gefran sensors come with complementary double-thickness measuring diaphragm to withstand up to double the wear and tear.

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Gefran has recently released a new range of extrusion pressure sensors that offer an increased product life-span designed to save operators time and money in replacing old, tired melt pressure sensors. This can be frustrating as most production lines are needed to be shut down for such maintenance and doing this regularly can be time consuming and disruptive to usual operations.

This range of melt pressure sensors is also compatible with Dynisco and CANBUS communications so their is no need to overhaul your systems to make the change. Simply install the device using your current fittings.

ECEFast is proud to be the exclusive supplier for Gefran Technologies here in Australia. Our experienced sales engineers will help you find the correct sensor, diaphragm material and protective coating for your application. We will also include this double-thickness diaphragm feature at no additional cost.

Our supplier is also dedicated to providing green, Mercury-free solutions. Why choose Mercury-free melt pressure sensors?

Not only are these mercury-free sensors priced in parallel to traditional mercury filled sensors, but they also have similar performance while being safer to use in senstive industries.

European manufacturers have been required by law since July 1st 2006 to use mercury-free componentry throughout the manufacturing process according to the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Act (RoHS). This directly effected any manufacturing producing goods related to human or animal consumption including packaging (i.e. plastics sector, paper processing) and food manufacturing.

In melt pressure sensors, Mercury was traditionally used to transmit pressure readings at high temperature from the measuring diaphragm to the sensing element. At risk of having mercury leak into the manufacturing process, the RoHS called for the use of inert substances such as oil or sodium-potassium (NaK) to minimise the risk to consumers should a diaphragm rupture.

Many use food grade silicon oils, however, these have limits on the temperature and temperature coefficient. NaK is 22% sodium and 78% per cent potassium and remains stable and safe at extreme temperatures - rated for continuous use at 538 degrees C. This makes Gefran NaK-filled melt pressure sensors an ideal solution for the plastics manufacturing industry.

Talk to ECEFast today about how you can integrate these devices seamlessly within your current systems and maintenance plans.