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HIMA Safety Bus | Safeethernet

Supplier: Hima

HIMA safety bus safeethernet is the world’s most efficient safety bus

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HIMA Safety Bus | Safeethernet

All over the world, more and more decentralised, distributed automation concepts are being put into place – including in the field of safety related automation.

HIMA developed the safeethernet protocol 10 years Ago in order to network HIMA systems safely, and since then it has established itself successfully in every conceivable application and field of industry.

Safeethernet solutions are based on standard Ethernet technology (IEEE 802.3) and offer a series of unbeatable features:

  • TÜV/BG-certified up to SIL 3.
  • Data transmission at 100 Mbit/s.
  • Shortest possible response times guaranteed within the stipulated safety period.
  • No limitations on physical separation.
  • Utilises standard Ethernet components and functions.
  • As many as 64 systems can be networked on each Ethernet segment.
  • Intelligent, diverse redundancy concepts.
  • Fully compatible with industrial use.
  • As well as the highest possible level of safety and reliability, safeethernet solutions offer the following benefits:

High levels of flexibility and transparency:

  • Ethernet network technology guarantees flexibility when it comes to adapting to the requirements of your application – in terms of planning as well as commissioning, maintenance and expansion.
  • Utilises diverse transmission media: copper, ISDN/DSL, FO, all the way to satellite and of course wireless applications.
  • Enables a range of different network topologies: line, tree, star and ring structures.
  • Vertical integration and transparency across all levels.

Highly economical

  • Integrates safety related and non-safety related data in one standard Ethernet network – without compromising safety.
  • Can be integrated into existing Ethernet networks.
  • Utilises cost-efficient standard Ethernet components made by any manufacturer.
  • Redundancy concepts assure uninterrupted system operation, even if one communications route fails.
  • Quick, step-by-step commissioning.
  • Network participants can all access one another, enabling centralised programming, diagnosis and visualisation.
  • Establish economical remote maintenance concepts.

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