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HIMax | Automated Plant Safety System

Supplier: Hima

HIMax is the first safety system designed to provide uninterrupted system operation throughout the entire life of the plant, while maximizing plant availability, productivity and safety.

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HIMax | Automated Plant Safety System

It is based on HIMA’s revolutionary nonstop XMR technology that combines diagnostic-based SIL 3 safety integrity with a scalable fault tolerant architecture that eliminates false trips, provides for unlimited changes,modifications, expansions, upgrades and even regulatory proof testing without needing to take the plant off-line.

HIMax redefines what you can expect from a safety solution.

With HIMax we offer:

  • Maximum plant uptime
  • A solution that can increase output
  • Possibilities to reduce CAPEX/OPEX plus lifetime flexibility
  • Superior ease of use
  • Open platform integration with all leading DCS

Maximum plant uptime

HIMax delivers availability for life by enabling uninterrupted system operation throughout your plant’s entire lifecycle. This maximizes plant availability and improves productivity.

  • HIMax’s XMR architecture eliminates single points of failure. Redundancy can be customized to ensure optimal protection. Spurious trips are virtually impossible.
  • All changes, additions and maintenance procedures are possible without stopping a HIMax system.
  • Even proof tests mandated by current industry standards can be conducted online, without any interruption of the safety system.
  • HIMax eliminates common-cause effects via physical separation of redundant components.
  • HIMax is based on the world’s most proven safety system technology.

A solution that can increase output

Improving process efficiency is one of the many ways in which HIMax can be used to increase plant productivity and profitability.

How? HIMax is engineered with truly advanced computational capability, providing powerful floating-point calculations in the CPUs and fast I/O processing algorithms. Predictive controls can therefore be used to build dynamic models that safely reduce the band between the set point/process variable and the defined trip level.

In an ethylene cracker, for example, such modelling could contribute significantly to the output of high quality product, with no reduction in overall process safety.

Possibilities to reduce CAPEX/OPEX plus lifetime flexibility

HIMax is a future-proof investment. It delivers the safety you need today and accommodates changes in your business. You pay for exactly what you need, when you need it. Today, tomorrow and 10 years from now. HIMax is the safety platform you can build your future on. Once deployed, HIMax stays on and never needs to be replaced. It adapts as your business grows.

HIMax enables you to expand your plant without the need to allocate preconfigured spare slots.

The HIMax difference:

  • Buy only what you need. HIMax adapts to meet virtually any application requirement.
  • HIMax can be your single platform for all I/O count, response time and fault-tolerance requirements, as well as centralized or distributed applications.
  • Save engineering time and costs using a flexible, intuitive and easily adaptable platform.
  • HIMax integrates with any DCS that you use today or in the future.
  • HIMax offers virtually unlimited expansion – hardware and software changes can be performed on demand, without interruption, for the full lifecycle. Cabinet size is minimised because there's no need to allocate slots for spares.
  • Benefit from HIMax’s unprecedented performance and system flexibility by integrating more I/Os or greater application complexity per system.
  • HIMax is a cost-effective solution with different rack sizes to match your physical space requirements.
  • No hidden software costs. With a SILworX software license, you get a single intuitive software tool for all tasks.

Superior ease of use

HIMax is an intuitive, intelligent safety platform. It offers tools and features that make it simpler to use than any other system available today. It helps to eliminate possibilities for human error and saves time in the engineering and start-up phase.

HIMax makes life easier with the following features:

  • Automatic module detection
  • Fully integrated and protected power distribution eliminates the need for external wiring
  • Fast implementation via HIMA SILworX, a user-friendly software tool with an intuitive interface, self documentation and embedded version control
  • Accelerate start-up by building-up and testing the hardware configuration without the application program (Loop check mode)
  • Comprehensive diagnostics, automatic recording of 500 diagnostic entries on each module
  • Built-in user management for hardware and software
  • HART protocol support simplifies asset management solutions