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Home Foam Insulation

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Polyurethane foam is a premium insulate and home foam insulation can bring it to your door.

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Insulation should be a priority in an effort to reduce the energy used in buildings and ultimately our CO2 emissions into our environment. It is a very important part of good thermal design and a way to work towards sustainable living.

In one year alone, FSI (Foam Sprayed Insulation) customers reduced CO2 emissions by 549,817 metres which is three times greater than its closest competitor.

The ideal time to apply insulation is in construction; however in most cases 'PU' can be retro-fitted to existing homes.

Several kinds of foam can be sprayed according to where they are best suited. Open cell foam is used in ceilings and injected into walls. Closed cell is ideal in a situation where it encounters extremes in temperature, namely directly under the roof, against north and west facing walls and under floors. The 'R' rating is significantly increased with closed cell foam.

The "R" value of conventional fibreglass insulation is measured in a perfect environment. When fibre glass insulation is applied to a house, due to airflow and subsequent leakage, the efficiency of the batt is compromised and thus delivers a lesser 'R' value than its original form.

Polyurethane on the other hand maintains its thermal properties and maintains this property through its life and upon application creates an envelope of the building. This forms a seal and consequently reduces airflow dramatically ensuring that the "R" value is true and permanent. For this reason it is not necessary to spray PU to the same thickness of a batt to achieve the required "R" value.

Why Use Polyurethane?

PU is a product that is constantly being perfected to make it an environmentally friendly and more efficient insulator. Advantages of using PU in buildings are many and you may be surprised what benefits it brings in addition to being a premium insulate. Structural stability to your home is achieved through bonding surfaces together.

It can be applied vertically and is self-supporting. It is durable and long lasting, seals a building that in turn reduces drafts, dust, insects, repels water and resists mould and fungi. PU is non-allergenic and reduces noise levels from within and outside your home .

Due to its flexible form can be applied to many and varied situations. PU compared to other forms of insulation is space efficient allowing maximum use of internal spaces and PU is not an Ozone depleting product.