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Home Solar Power

Supplier: Horizon Solar

Solar power your home and reduce or eliminate your electricity bill. Take advantage of up to $9900 in GVT rebates under the solar credits scheme.

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Home Solar Power

  • Solar Power from $2890

Earn up to $10000 in electricity per year under the Solar Bonus Scheme which will pay 60 cents per kilowatt hour for energy generated from rooftop solar panels or small wind turbines up to 10 kilowatts in size.

It will be available to small electricity customers, including households and some small businesses, schools and community organisations.

Benefits of Solar Power

  • Save $$$ on your electricity bills;
  • Enjoy fantastic return on investment in solar power;
  • Insulate your family from rising energy costs;
  • Create clean and renewable electricity for your home;
  • Help sustain the environment by reducing the amount of harmful greenhouse emissions found in non renewable electricity;
  • Enjoy Government rebates (conditions apply) which means installations costs are even more affordable.

How it Works

a) Solar Photovoltaic panels on the roof convert sunlight into clean DC electricity.

b) An Inverter placed near your meter box or in your garage converts DC to AC electricity. The inverter can log the performance of the system and display it for you to check and see how much your system is produce on any given day.

c) Electricity will then run through a new meter which is connected to the grid and in NSW under the new Gross Feed in Tariff all the electricity is bought by your energy provider for $0.60 per kw/h.

d) Cables carry electricity into power grid and is used up as a renewable alternative.