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Horizontal air flow fans can efficiently improve conditions in your greenhouse

Supplier: Quietaire Australia
20 June, 2008

These fans push the air in your greenhouse continuously, causing mass air movement.

This mass air movement offers these advantages:

- Eliminates air stratification
- Equalises the temperature in the greenhouse
- Reduces moisture condensation
- Improves carbon dioxide utilisation
- Has a low initial cost
- Has low operating costs

When air is continuously circulated in a greenhouse the plants will grow better. The air moving over the leaf surfaces evaporates the moisture that promotes disease.

Growth potential is improved because of the improved circulation of CO2. The temperature within the greenhouse is equalised.

Moving the air horizontally in large masses can be accomplished with a few small fans. The air should move down one side of the greenhouse and back the other way, with as little mixing between the air streams as possible.

In gutter connected houses the air should move down one house and back through the other.

Quietaire's HAF Fans incorporate a high efficiency motor that requires very low power to operate and the initial cost is lower than other systems.