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Hornet 25s Vacuum Loader

Supplier: Industrial Vacuum Solutions

A Mobile Vacuum Loader system with greater versatility than conventional vacuum trucks.

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Hornet 25s Vacuum Loader
Product Overview  -  Load - Clean - Decant - Transfer

This Australian designed and built mobile bulk vacuum system was devised to do much of the work of a vacuum truck but with greater flexibility. A true vacuum truck alternative for the organisation seeking to save substantial amounts of money when compared with their existing vacuum truck cleaning or vacuum loading methods.
It is a powerful and versatile environmental cleaning solution to solve your waste management problems. Its unique design criteria specified a compact size and with the ability to bulk bag load the vacuumed material.  The machine is fitted with a full reverse pulse filter cleaning system which is powered by its own onboard air compressor. The rear one cubic metre capture bin allows vacuumed material to be easily discharged into an open skip bin, bulk bag, light truck or other open container for possible reuse.
Major Benefits

•Much quicker than manual methods of cleaning.
•Eliminates the back strain that may occur with conventional brooming.
•Effective cleanup without the residue associated with brooming or mechanical scooping.
•Substantially higher vacuum power advantage over smaller drum type factory vacuums.
•Low health risks - Zero dust emissions from the filtering system.
•Optional full HEPA filtration.
•Special Dust Ignition Proof (DIP) rated models available.
•Continuous vacuuming of dry dusty powdered materials.
•Up to 100 metres of 100mm (4") hose lengths
•Excellent for sucking up accidentally spilled materials.
•Substantial cost savings over truck mounted Super Suckers.
•Available in trailer or truck mount configuration.

Materials Handled

Bulk vacuum a wide variety of dry, dusty, powdered or granular materials such as:
Abrasives (Shot) Alumina  Aluminium Chips 
Asbestos  Ash  Bark Chips 
Brick Chips  Carbon Black  Catalysts 
Cement  Ceramic Particles  Cereals 
Chemicals (Non Corrosive)  Clay (dry particles)  Clinker 
Coal Chips  Cullet  Dust / Dirt 
Fertiliser Flour  Grains 
Lead Oxide  Limestone  Metal Chips 
Mill Scale  Mineral Wool   Ore Pellets 
Oxides  Perlite  Refractory Grit
Shredded Paper Dust  Sand  Sawdust
Slag Particles  Slurries (Dry) Stones (up to ±75mm)
Vermiculite  Wood Chips   
Current and Past Customers

Alcoa Aluminium Austral Bricks         BHP Billiton Port Hedland
Blue Circle Southern Cement            Bluescope Steel      BOC Vessels
Boral Plaster  Boral Plasterboard     Caltex Refinery  Hydro Aluminium        James Hardie Industries                    Kellogs 
McElligotts Industrial Painting            Multiserv Port Kembla                              One Steel Rooty Hill Mini Mill              Orica Chemicals (Perlite)                       PGH Bricks & Tiles                               Readymix Quarries
Transpacific Services                           Tomago Aluminium                                Veolia Enviro Services

Hornet Technical Specifications

Full air filtration with optional hazardous dust HEPA filter available.
Fully automatic electronic reverse pulse filter cleaning from onboard Hydrovane air compressor.                                                                  

Compressed air is generated from PTO driven compressor that cleans the 26 filter bags continuously

High performance 35 cubic metre per minute (±1100cfm) latest generation three lobe positive displacement blower

Negative vacuum pressure to metric -60 kPa or 17 inches of mercury on the imperial scale.

Powered by a 4 litre Deutz 75kW turbo diesel water cooled engine.

Wireless remote engine throttle/vacuum power control.

250 litre diesel fuel tank allows for several work shifts before refuelling.

Power transmission via a fluid coupling + V belt drive to ensure soft starts and substantially improve operational reliability.

Fully lined sound reducing cabinet. Less than 75dB at 1 metre at full operating load.

1 cubic metre collection hopper with up to 100 metres of 101mm (4 inch) hose lines.

The hopper can be filled in less than 10 minutes on short vacuum runs.

Vacuum suction recovery rate at up to 10 tons per hour.

Hydraulically activated hopper bin elevator can lift up to a 2 metre clearance allowing discharge into dump truck or skip.

The vacuumed material can be discharged into Bulka Bags in less than 2 minutes and the decanting process is dustless.

The Hornet vacuum has a weight of approximately 4.4 tons and is fitted with suspension applicable to working conditions.

Continuous 24/7 duty cycle for all day long high performance vacuuming.

Connectable to 4 inch steel ring mains piping that may already be established in your facility.

Able to bifurcate (Y branch) connect to 2 x 2 inch vacuum lines for cleaning out purlins or mezzanine areas etc.

Machine build and delivery time is around eight weeks from the placement of your order. Now in its third generation. The Hornet is exceptionally well engineered with more than nine years of continuous refinement.

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