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Horticultural Nozzle

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In horticultural crops most applications are undertaken with air assisted sprayequipment.

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Horticultural Nozzle

In horticultural crops most applications are undertaken with air assisted sprayequipment. Here the quality of the air flow is more important than nozzle selection. The greater the density of canopy, the more important the air flow becomes.

It becomes essential to use air assistance in the denser canopies to achieve adequate, efficient coverage.

Those types of sprayer nozzles producing a MEDIUM/FINE spray quality are providing the best coverage and deposition. Excellent results have been achieved with the TeeJet TX Conejet range.

A combination with some high pressure air induction nozzles producing a COARSE spray quality may be of advantage if penetration is difficult, for example, when using an airblast and trying to get into the furthest top canopy.

Generally, the most effective way to reduce drift is not nozzle selection but to use equipment that directs the airflow into the canopy, for example, using a Quantum Mist sprayer.

In two-dimensional horticultural spraying, e.g. vegetables, the majority of boom sprays have no air assist. In those situations FINE droplets have difficulty to penetrate into the canopy. Especially in combination with high water volumes, they are prone to drift and losses.

A low-pressure air induction nozzle, such as the Airmix 02 should be used in these circumstances to reduce the unnecessary loss of chemical through drift. The MEDIUM to COARSE spray quality produced by these nozzles will provide better penetration into the canopy than achieved with FINE droplets.

An excellent set up is to use them in combination with the Twin-Caps. The Twin-Cap is designed to take two nozzles - one on a forward angle, one facing rearwards

Generally, high pressure air induction nozzles should be avoided as their droplet spectrum is too COARSE to provide sufficient coverage underneath the leaf.

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