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Hose reels and safety - cost vs advantages

Supplier: ReCoila Hose and Cord Reels
29 January, 2007

Safety in industry is vital to everyone. Hose reels play an important part in workplace safety.

Tripping accidents, including tripping over hose unfortunately rate highly on incident reports in many cases. Implementation of hose reels can provide a cost effective solution.

Why use Hose Reels? What are the real advantages?

Hoses, when not in actual use, left lying across the floor or ground or indeed randomly coiled, present in many cases major tripping hazards and can often result in injury.

Hose reels whether they is spring rewind, manual hand rewind, or in cases of very heavy / long length hoses motorized reels, offer a practical solution to minimizing the potential of accidents in the workplace.
Workplace practices play a significant part in reducing the risks of personnel tripping over hoses, workers being diligent and replacing hoses to their origin neatly and safely after use is an expectation of most industrial management. The fact is that this does not happen as it should. What are the reasons for this?

Are workers deliberately careless or are their other causes?

Often is the case the use of a hose, whether it is for an air tool, washdown, welding / cutting etc is only one part of a process in respect to the overall task at hand. Hence in many cases once the hose has been used and the operator needs to go on to the next phase of the task the attitude can often be - "I will put that hose away later - I must get on with what I am doing". 

The key reason for this approach is that it is not only time consuming but also a not insignificantly awkward task at times to coil up the hose after using it - often resulting in a reluctance by the operator to want to put the hose away as he knows he should and probably wants to, because it is a pain to do so  hose reels provide the mechanism to do two major things in this respect - firstly they provide a quick and efficient way to store the hose after use, something that is very easy for the operator to do and hence in most cases will do. Secondly the implementation of hose reels provides the employer with the vehicle provided to the employees to increase the safety of their work environment as well as the benefit of increase efficiencies.

Many industries strive to improve efficiencies (and safety) by implementing more efficient tools and equipment to increase productivity and reduce worker effort in doing a task. Hose reels are inexpensive and indeed are a "tool" however unfortunately far too many industries overlook this item in the scheme of things. To increase Safety and indeed Efficiencies in any workplace where hoses are used the implementation of hose reels will improve both Safety and Efficiency - just as has the implementation of other "tools" and equipment has aided industry.