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How a monitoring system alerts you to room temperature problems

Supplier: Testo Australia By: Testo Australia
13 October, 2015

The Saveris 2 temperature monitoring data logger can alert you to fluctuations the instant they occur.

Regardless of what kind of facility you're managing, the Saveris 2 temperature logger can alert you to fluctuations the instant they occur. 

All the Saveris 2 data loggers located throughout your building can connect to the location's local area network, or LAN. This allows the sensors to send data to the Testo cloud, where you can view the information on your smartphone, tablet or PC.

What if there's a particular room you'd like to receive alerts for? You can quickly click the 'new alarm setting' button on the data logger to create a new notification. Best of all, you can receive these alerts via the app on your smartphone. 

Thanks to Wi-Fi and cloud connectivity, the Saveris 2 is the perfect companion for any facility manager.