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How do I know what size system would be best for my household?

Supplier: Auzion Sustainable Solutions
22 July, 2010

This depends upon your average daily usage and the amount of electricity your household normally uses during hours of sunshine.

Factors to consider include:

  • Whether or not electricity is used during the daytime by your household.
  • Your average daily electricity usage, written on the back of your electricity bill in kWh.
  • The amount of roof space that you have available for solar panels.
  • The budget for your particular Auzion system.

An average household using 20 to 25 kWh of electricity per day, using only a small amount of electricity during the daytime (e.g. to run a fridge and freezer) might expect a 1.4 kW system to reduce electricity costs by 40% to 50% per quarter.

A household that uses more electricity during the daytime might consider installing a larger system to enable some feed-in to the mains grid to take advantage of the high feed-in tariff.