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How do we define our sustainable building solution?

Supplier: Dolfi Benesh
14 April, 2012

I defined "sustainability" in very simple terms and values. I don't want to impress you with university terms; in short: we trust our clients to smile, and know the difference between old standards and the future sustainable building solution's.

How can a timber house save the environment if we cut the forest? Then the house gets taken by the storm or eaten by termites?

 How well is it insulated? How much will it cost to maintain? How much power will you spend on cooling and heating ?

Will it last for the next ten generations, or renovated every 7 years or 5 or as you buy it ?

This house can be designed to save on the construction yet to get all the advantages and make it all the way:

  • Will save on power bills.
  • Will be insulated for real - much more than our "standards".
  • Maintenance cheap by 90 per cent - reinforced concrete that don't move bricks or any other material.
  • Strong system - can be hit by storm or car or tree or flood - nothing will affect the house; it will stay solid and can be demolished by concrete cutters only.
  • With our kitchens and bathrooms design the house will need only minor  maintenance for the next 150 years.

Yes we can do it for you.