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How flexible factory dividing walls reduce contamination

Supplier: Flexshield
10 June, 2016

In 1855 CSR started up as a sugar company. Over the years they have evolved to become one of the leading Building Product companies in Australia and New Zealand.

Now with over 3000 employees they strive to develop new ideas and continuously improve to be the leader in their field.

Viridian Glass, a division of CSR, started in 2007. They now have 27 branches across Australia and pride themselves as the largest supplier of glass, and Australia's only glass manufacturer.

Project overview:

Viridian Glass contacted Flexshield in regards to their Ingleburn facility where they needed to separate their glass manufacturing from wood processing. Both processes were being done in one factory and contamination was proving to be a very real and constant challenge.

Flexshield's Flexible Factory Divider Walls can be suspended from existing steelwork and tensioned to the floor. Being a flexible rather than permanently fixed solution means that, should the space requirements change in the future, the wall can altered, relocated or removed to suit.

A Flexshield Flexible Factory Divider is the ideal solution to all contamination control or decontamination requirements. It can be used to create a clean room to prevent contaminants from wet or ‘dirty' areas crossing over and entering a ‘clean' area.

Flexshield's Flexible Dividers are commonly used to control dust, humidity, splash, pests, rodents and other contaminants in food manufacturing facilities and in other manufacturing and processing plants.

They can easily incorporate any extra features as required – such as a simple PVC window for vision, a door for access between the two areas, emergency exits, signage, and allowance for pipes or other penetrations.

Project requirements:

  • Separate glass manufacturing area from wood processing area
  • Provide a flexible yet durable solution
  • Doorways for emergency exits, and openings for fire hydrants
  • Fire retardant material

Benefits of Flexshield's Flexible Factory Divider Walls

  • Various colour options
  • Fire retardant to AS2755.2
  • Flexible, durable and easy to clean material
  • Mildew and soiling resistant
  • UV Stabilised for maximum life
  • Acoustic control for noisy environments
  • HACAP approved for food industry


After a free visit to assess site and discuss the project, Flexshield designed, manufactured and then installed a tailor-made Flexible Factory Divider Wall to suit Viridian's exact requirements. The wall covered floor-to-ceiling, was 150m long and made from 900gsm fully reinforced and hemmed PVC material. It had two Velcro rip off doors, two openings for the fire hydrants and signage for the emergency exits. Industrial grade Velcro was used on all joining edges to create a complete seal, and all the components were made from anti-corrosive and maintenance-free materials.

The Flexible Factory Divider Wall proved to be a very valuable investment for Viridian, and was very effective in separating the factory and controlling contamination between the two processing areas.