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How Nissan can help you acheive your green credentials

Supplier: Powerlift Material Handling
21 June, 2010

From automobiles to forklifts, Nissan's corporate philosophy of creating a "symbiosis of people, vehicles and nature" expresses our ideal picture of a sustainable mobile society.

Nissan's contribution to the creation of such a society includes a variety of goals designed to manage the environmental impact generated by our corporate activities, customer use of Nissan products, and the company's use of resources to a level that is all within nature's capacity to absorb.

With the creation of the Nissan Green Program 2010 - our medium-term environmental action plan - several specific targets have been established as we continue to steadily move forward in achieving the Program's goals:


The new ECCS engine comes with a factory-fitted, 3-way closed-loop catalytic converter system as a standard feature, resulting in one of the cleanest and most fuel efficient engines on the planet.

Nissan is one of the only forklifts on the market that can bum gas fuels through an electronic fuel injection system, resulting in fuel consumption reduction of up to 5.5% over the carburettor model. By flicking the power/economy switch to economy mode a further

17% fuel reduction is achieved resulting in a massive 22.5% overall reduction in fuel consumption as well as lower noise levels.

All these benefits provide not only a forklift that can add value to any company's green status, but also significant running cost savings.


As Nissan Forklift is part of the Nissan automotive organisation, we are fortunate to have access to technologies critical to the environment, and innovative product solutions for the markets we serve.

In early 2004, adoption of automotive engine expertise resulted in Nissan Forklift becoming the industry leader in clean air engine technology. Continuing that leadership position, Nissan has already met California Air Resources Board (CARB) 2010 emissions requirements ahead of schedule.

Firm in our commitment to deliver a cleaner and more comfortable environment for the operator and those in the surrounding area, Nissan Forklift set some of the most aggressive emissions targets in the industry for combined HC, NOx and CO levels -far more restrictive than those required.

We are also developing eco-friendly products such as Nissan's future Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV), which employs hydrogen fuel cell technology for its motive power.

Green Program

  1. Minimise co2 emissions to reduce overall carbon footprint.
  2. Reduce harmful emissions, including Vocs (Volatile organic compounds) to protect the atmosphere, water and soil.
  3. Recycle resources – reduce, reuse and recycle to attain 100% resource recovery rate.


Nissan's commitment to being a true advocate of our planet extends beyond our product line-up. It means consideration of the methods we employ in manufacturing our forklifts, determining how those processes impact our environment and finding ways to continuously improve them to minimise their impact. In addition to the requirements of ISO-14001 activities, Nissan's green initiatives include the following changes to further reduce energy consumption, improve air quality and reduce the amount of non-recyclable materials that leave our facility:

Nissan Initiatives

  1. Reprogramming of automated operational systems that contributed to a 10% reduction in energy consumed.
  2. Implementation of process enhancements that reduced process water in our paint department by 69%.
  3. Implementation of single stream recycling program used by employees (glass, aluminum & plastic containers).
  4. Maintaining active recycling programs for cardboard, paper, plastic, steel & wood; while investigating & implementing returnable packaging for selected parts.