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How polycarbonate can protect you

Supplier: Allplastics Engineering By: Allplastics
06 July, 2017

Polycarbonate sheets provide a safer and more durable alternative to glass.

Among other things, Sydney is known for its unpredictable weather patterns. Residents will tell you that it is possible to experience all four seasons within the span of a few short hours. Hailstorms are one of the more destructive phenomena that occur, and a particularly bad hailstorm can damage all kinds of property, including windows, awnings and skylights.

A February hailstorm this year caused upwards of $200 million dollars in damage, mostly because of large hail stones shattering windows and smashing holes in roofs and skylights across the city. Below, a resident holds one of these hail stones, which is larger than a tennis ball. Rather than deal with this expensive aftermath, you can protect your home before it happens by investing in a polycarbonate roof, available in clear, opal, or tinted finishes.

Polycarbonate is about 250 times stronger than glass and 10 times stronger than acrylic, meaning that it will not shatter, or even crack, if hit with one of these chunks of ice or falling tree branches. On the contrary, the hail will only leave a small surface mark. Not only does shattered glass cause fiscal damages, but could severely injure somebody standing in the path of it. You and your loved ones are safe under polycarbonate panels, knowing that that water is not flooding your office or residence either.

Protecting you and your loved ones, however, is far from the only benefit of using polycarbonate roofing. It can also protect tiles, decking, grilling equipment, furniture, or anything else of value that could be put at risk during a storm. In addition to all this protection, polycarbonate will allow you to use much lighter support structures such as steel or timber beams, saving you a considerable amount of valuable funds.

Polycarbonate roofing is not exclusive to personal residences, either. Other applications include childproof pool fencing, domes on sporting arenas, musical theatres, hospitals, shopping centres, traffic screens, bridge walkways, and smoker canopies. Any architectural fixture that could be made of glass could also be made from the safer, more durable polycarbonate.

In addition to the flat polycarbonate sheets, Allplastics can offer a diverse range of aesthetically interesting translucent polycarbonate panels including:

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