How to buy used equipment online

Supplier: IronPlanet
22 July, 2008

If you need an easy and affordable way to buy used construction equipment, look no further. IronPlanet holds online auctions every month. You can bid on equipment located all over Australia, most of which has been independently inspected, and backed up by our IronClad Assurance.

A typical auction will feature hundreds of items from locations all over Australia.  With IronPlanet's guaranteed inspection report you can feel confident buying equipment across town or across Australia.

Equipment is sold directly from the seller's location close to you which keep transportation costs to a minimun.  

Our team of inspectors perform a thorough inspection of most items auctioned through us. The full inspection report with pictures is made available for you to view. We guarantee the item is as described, so you can be confident bidding even on items you've never seen.

In the weeks prior to an Auction, you can preview the items online.

If you can't be online at the time of the auction you may submit a PriorityBid anytime during the preview. A PriorityBid is an instruction to let our system automatically bid on your behalf, up to the highest price you are willing to pay.

On the day of the Featured Auction, each item is "on the block" for a five or ten-minute time slot, and multiple items may be "on the block" simultaneously. When a Featured Auction closes, the highest bidder owns the item.

IronPlanet handles the payment and transfer of the title between the seller and buyer. IronPlanet also has a selection of partners who can help you with transportation and financing.


Owner Auctions make more great equipment available in auctions closing every day. Each item up for Owner Auction runs for 14 days. For most Owner Auction items, the seller has set a Reserve Price. Once the Reserve Price is reached or exceeded, the seller is obligated to sell the item to the highest bidder.

When an Owner Auction closes, if the Reserve Price has been met, the high bidder owns the item. If the Reserve Price is not met, a seller will have the option of extending a Second Chance Offer to the highest bidder, which gives the highest bidder an option to purchase the unit at a price equal to his or her maximum bid amount.

Note: All bidders at IronPlanet Australia Pty Ltd must be registered and qualified to buy. To ensure fairness in the bidding process, IronPlanet Australia does not allow its employees, agents or vendors to bid on equipment during an auction and makes every effort to prevent sellers from bidding on their own equipment.