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How to choose the right specialty pallet wrap

Supplier: Signet By: Steph Wilkin
19 August, 2014

With constant industry testing and improvement, there are many specialty pallet wraps available which have benefits for specific applications over a standard cast or blown film.

As a manufacturer of stretch film Signet can help you find the right specialty wrap for your needs. Read on for our “How-to” guide:

Do you need a pallet wrap to meet OH&S requirements?

Most hand pallet wraps require an element of physical effort to stretch the wrap to achieve the most secure wrapping results. If not done properly this can result in injuries for the user. For increased OH&S standards or if your pallets don’t require highly stretched film, consider using OH&S pallet wrap or pre-stretch film.

For product information about this wrap, head to http://www.signet.net.au/store/categories/plastic-wrap-and-stretch-films/prestretch-hand-pallet-wrap

Do you need increased security for your load?

If you’re transporting or storing high-value or confidential items on a pallet, clear pallet wrap cannot offer the level of privacy required. Signet recommends using Security wrap which due to its opaque nature will conceal the pallet’s contents and deter theft.

For more product information about this wrap, head to http://www.signet.net.au/store/categories/blown-hand-pallet-wrap/blown-security-wrap  

Do you need to colour code stock or pallets?

Colour coding pallets can be helpful for a number of reasons: it can be used to indicate the goods’ destination, if the stock needs to be kept separate, improving the appearance of pallets, facilitating stock rotation or can be helpful during stock-take time. Consider using Coloured wrap which is coloured stretch wrap that is also translucent to allow you to see the contents of the pallet.

For more product information about this wrap, head to http://www.signet.net.au/store/categories/blown-hand-pallet-wrap/blown-hand-coloured-wrap

Are you looking for an environmentally friendly pallet wrap?

Some companies have environmental policies that outline specific requirements around the disposal of a product or about not using products that cannot break down. To meet these requirements or if you’re looking for an environmentally friendly film, try Degradable pallet wrap.

For more product information about this wrap, head to http://www.signet.net.au/store/categories/blown-hand-pallet-wrap/envirostretch-degradable-hand-wrap

Are you shipping pallets containing electronics and are worried about electrostatic discharge?

Companies that transport or store electronics, precision machines or medical instruments need to be conscious of static build up and choose packaging products accordingly. The best stretch film for this application is Anti-static pallet wrap which is suitable for use on products that are sensitive to electrostatic discharge and ensure there are no static shocks.

For more product information about this wrap, head to http://www.signet.net.au/store/categories/blown-machine-pallet-wrap/anti-static-machine-wrap

Do the goods you’re shipping require ventilation as well as stability?

If you’re transporting pallets or multiple cartons of fresh produce, flowers or anything that needs to breathe, normal pallet wrap cannot offer the level of ventilation required. Signet recommends using Air Flow pallet wrap which still provides load stability but has large holes to allow good air flow.

For more product information about this wrap, head to http://www.signet.net.au/store/categories/cast-hand-pallet-wrap/air-flow-hand-wrap

Do you store heavy loads outdoors and notice that the wrap is deteriorating?

Companies that store heavy loads outdoors (such as bricks, tiles and other heavy load pallets) will often find that standard pallet wrap won’t last as long in that environment. Try using Extra Strength UV pallet wrap which is UV stabilised to ensure long, consistent performance without deterioration.

For more product information about this wrap, head to http://www.signet.net.au/store/categories/blown-hand-pallet-wrap/blown-uv-machine-wrap

For more information on these specialty pallet wraps or to see the other plastic wrap and stretch films options available head to www.signet.net.au.