How to get one good quality wood shaving machine

Supplier: Enerpat Group UK
08 September, 2020

wood shaving machine, also named wood shaving mill, turning wood into soft wood shavings, used for animal bedding, original materials for making the high density board, Transport fillings for fragile

A high-precision and technologically advanced wood shaver

A wood shaver, also known as a wood shaving machine, is specifically designed for livestock companies such as farming and animal breeding facilities. This particular baling machine converts high-quality wood shavings into animal bedding products for horses, pigs, cows, sheep, chickens, rabbits, pets and other animals.

The wood shavers at ENERPAT Group are engineered for compressing, baling and packaging wood shavings in variable sizes as per your bedding requirements.

Our high-precision wood shaver machines are an ideal solution for manufacturing a variety of animal bedding material for horse breeders and other animal farms. These state-of-the-art wood shaving machines come with a variety of adjustments to get high-quality packaged wood shavings in any desired size. A wood shaver is particularly beneficial for your horse breeding business, poultry facility or animal farm, as you get the opportunity to turn wood shavings into superior animal bedding products.


Benefits of our fully automatic wood shaving machine

ENERPAT Group manufactures full-automatic wood shaving machines, that are suitable for packaging wood shavings, as well as pin chips, sawdust, paper pulp, chopped hay and straw. These top-notch wood shavers are designed to convert different types of waste material into top-quality bedding products. Our wood shaver delivers dust-free, safe, clean and highly-absorbent animal bedding like for instance pet, cattle, poultry and horse bedding.

At ENERPAT Group you can choose from a wide range of wood shavers. Each individual baling machine is equipped with the most advanced packaging technology and a user-friendly operator interface. It is for this reason that our global customers prefer our multi-purpose wood shaving machine for the production of top-quality animal bedding.


Why choose ENERPAT wood shavers for your animal bedding needs?

The USP of the ENERPAT wood shaving machine is that the baler works with an innovative packaging technique and a wide variety of baling options. You can choose a suitable machine from our range of horizontal wood shaver machines. For larger facilities, the baling machine can be set up with a conveyor belt, to transport the bales of wood shavings to the packaging machine.

Our wood shavers offer the best solution if your are looking for solid, high-quality and dirt-free products for animal bedding, such as horse bedding. The wood shaver and baling machines at ENERPAT Group are both quick and powerful and feature an easy-to-use interface to ensure fast and efficient machine operation. It is also quite simple to adjust the size of the packaged bales of wood shavings, to meet individual bedding requirements.


Are you looking for a high-speed and cost-effective solution for producing a wide range of animal bedding products?

‘ENERPAT' versatile wood shaver machine is the best suitable option for processing different types of materials into premium animal bedding products, like horse bedding.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our wood shavings packaging and baling machine solutions.