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How to get the most from E-commerce shipment

Supplier: AirRoad Direct
22 February, 2005

With so many delivery companies operating in the burgeoning Australian logistics industry, it is often a nightmare to determine the best partner/s to work with.

By Caroline Richard, AirRoadDirect

What delivery options do I have?
Delivery companies in Australia tend to provide specialised services. One company might be great at small local deliveries while uncompetitive when it comes to interstate transport. 

Look for the companies that provide an online rate calculating tool and tracking which means that you don’t have to email them asking about shipping rates or delivery status.

Developing a strong relationship with your delivery company and working with them to clearly define the boundaries of their service ensures both you and your customers have realistic expectations.

Managing customer expectations
Customer expectations have changed dramatically over the past five years and this is reflected online with buyers expecting deliveries very fast at the last minute.

Clear communication between delivery companies, online stores and customers in regard to lead times and stock levels especially during predictably busy times of year could avoid disappointment.  Detailing current stock levels and delivery times on your website is invaluable. 

How can I improve my packaging?
For an expectant customer, there is nothing worse than when their item arrives late or damaged.  However damages can often be avoided if the item is appropriately packaged.

Items often travel along long conveyor belts and on a number of vehicles and are therefore highly susceptible to damage. 

Items need to be protected with bubble wrap, foam inserts and/or paper filler and you need to make sure you eliminate any movement or possible rubbing within the packaging. 

Where possible, items need to be packed in high quality, square/rectangle cartons, with secure sealing.  If your goods are on a pallet or skid, no part of the goods should extend past the actual footprint of the pallet and all items should be completely wrapped as the pallet is often labeled as one item.

About AirRoad Direct
AirRoad Direct was developed in response to a growing demand from businesses with less frequent delivery requirements wanting to take advantage of our reliable distribution network.

AirRoad Direct offers a new internet based delivery system where customers use a credit card to log on and arrange safe and fast pick up and delivery of their goods. The website also allows customers to obtain quotes and track their deliveries anytime.

AirRoad Direct specialises in transporting heavy (over 20kg), large, valuable or sensitive parcels, cartons or pallets interstate or into regional areas.

Deliveries are covered by a $1000 Transit Warranty if the goods are misplaced or damaged and a Money Back Guarantee if the items are not delivered on time. A staggering 99% of deliveries are on time and intact.