How to install an insulated heater jacket on a Transtainer RTM series

Supplier: SBH Solutions By: Nigel Smalls
28 March, 2014

SBH Solutions has shot a video of the installation of one of its heater jackets on a greasetainer / grease pod – in this case the Transtainer RTM series as used by Shell.

In 2011 SBH Solutions introduced its insulated heater jacket for greasetainers and grease pods.  Since then this method of keeping grease warm in winter has achieved popularity amongst miners who have previously resorted to relatively unsafe use of radiant, infrared or air heaters to keep their expensive machines operating through winter nights and early mornings.

The greasetainer heater is wrapped around the bottom 600mm of the container and the heat is controlled by a reliable "set and forget" thermostat. A heavy duty PVC cover offers protection from dust and wet and can be replaced if it is damaged.

The thermostat can be set at any point from 0 – 90°C but the heater is supplied with an adjustable limiter tab set at 60°C to avoid any chance of accidentally "cooking" the grease. The PVC cover, has not been ingress protection tested but will provides approximately IP54 level – it does not make the heater waterproof, and care should be taken to ensure that the heater is not exposed to continuous wet.

This design of greasetainer heater jacket is available for Transtainer RTM, Fuchs Lubritech and DSL-Schütz style containers, and can be made to suit any similar sized grease container. It is just one part of an extensive range of industrial heating products available from SBH Solutions.


Installing our insulated heater jacket is easy