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How to keep printing colour consistency on different substrates

Supplier: Ching Teng Enterprise Co., Ltd.
04 May, 2018

Why would the same artwork printed with a different device and different substrate would have colour deviation? Why would the same artwork printed by the same machine, also may have colour deviation?

Or how to produce the same colours on varying substrates, such as coated papers,  uncoated paper, craft paper, vinyl and clear films from different supplier, …etc.? 

Maintaining consistency can be a difficult and often frustrating challenge. There are many factors that can affect colour.  Most traditional printing devices are designed with many ink fountain rollers, that after prolonged contact, friction, pressure, and solvents, the ink roller becomes deformed, hardened, cracked, and swollen causing the ink transferred to the plate not to be stable and even.  Based on this kind of ink transfer method, if it requires a thicker transfer ink to the substrate, the colour is extremely difficult to maintain at this time.

How to keep Colour Consistency across Flexoprinting, Letterpress, Offset print and Digital Print or printed on different substrates?

If you don’t understand and can’t describe “what is your colour now”, it is much difficult to print the colour exactly as per expectations.

But if there is someone who can help and describe clearly “what is your colour now?”, it is more easier to control and manage your brand colour and label colour for each print in a stable and consistent manner.

ChingTeng is committed to achieving and providing good quality labels with consistent colour to satisfy the customer’s request.  We emphasize the use of efficient processing methods to reduce costs and maintain good quality, rather than using cheap raw materials and low labour costs.  Our skilled craftsmen all have printing experiences exceeding 20 years. We are familiar with a variety of materials and surface finishing applications as well as quality resolutions.  We are credible and trusted to be your label printing manufacturer.

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